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07.10.2010 10:35
Why do people buy "second home" in foreign resorts? Comfortable, convenient, and not too expensive. Abroad, well send their kids for the summer, and most spend holidays with comfort. It is tempting to earn through foreign housing - rent it a rest.<br /><br />As for prices, so you can find very attractive: the price of popular overseas countries is much lower capital, but suburban.<br /><br />Indeed, the Russians are going to pribresti property abroad, have several aims. As a rule, we are talking about the "second home", giving an alternative. For those already listed above, the cavity (own holiday, a longer rest of the family, children and parents, the potential earnings on the lease of real property), you can add a few more. It is an investment in a broader sense, that is, buying a house or apartment with the hope not only for the rental earnings, but also for resale in the future on other, higher prices. This children's education, when the square meters are purchased in order to have offspring in the country, where it learns, was a constant roof over your head. This is likely to obtain a residence permit, citizenship of another country. This is a good service, comfort and pleasant atmosphere in the popular among the country.<br /><br />Finally, special attention should be paid at rates that are in a time of crisis have fallen dramatically. For example, recently our magazine, wrote that in Montenegro, this reduction reached 30%, and good options can be found in the range of 85-100 thousand euros. Bulgaria is offering this season square meters just at fantastic prices - 20-30 thousand euros for apartment-studio.<br /><br />However, going to buy a property abroad should know about the difficulties you may encounter. We must imagine what it would cost future maintenance of housing, what is the amount of the annual property tax. Far from each country purchase of real estate allows you to easily and quickly become a citizen. Thinking about the rental business, we must be aware of how you build this business, and what are the charges in this case the management company, has taken over the landlady's troubles. As for the earnings on the resale of real estate, and here the big question: prices have fallen, few buyers. So the object is to sell at today's secondary market - the whole problem, however, this idea was not at a loss. Well, selecting an object carried away with cheap offers on the foreign market is not worth it - you can invest in the construction, and burn, such cases have already been.<br /><br />In short, there is something to think about before letting yourself be carried away fashion trend - buying a home "behind the hill."<br /><br />In the past year, the magazine already spent a sociological study on this topic. We then asked: "Imagine, please, the situation - you have a certain amount of money and you face a choice - buy a house in the suburbs or the same money, but the housing abroad. What would you prefer?" And then 63,7% of the respondents chose a house in the suburbs.<br /><br />We decided to repeat our survey - still the market situation has changed, advertising vengeance trumpeting the wonderful overseas housing and habitation. What people now prefer?<br /><br />So, we asked exactly the same question (see above) and got ... a very similar result.<br /><br />As we see in our diagram:<br /><br />63,2% of those polled - have bought a house in the suburbs (the difference with last year's rate of 0.5%)<br /><br />19.2% - would buy a house abroad;<br /><br />17,6% - hard to answer.<br /><br />And now give the floor to the participants of our survey, which we will clarify my point of view. Traditionally, the first to express their opinion by the representatives of the largest group - 63.2% - who prefer a house in the suburbs. Part of the representatives of the main reason was named personal patriotism: "because our, Soviet," "is my motherland," "I am a patriot of his country"; "I am Russian, Russia is dear to me, why me somewhere to go."<br /><br />Congenial position was expressed by respondents who do not wish to live abroad: "I do not want to go anywhere," "I can not live there", "no need for us abroad," "I do not like abroad, I go there every summer I go"; " I do not like overseas for some reason. "<br /><br />Our interlocutors were recognized in the love of the Moscow region, where they were mostly people who already have a problem in the area: "Our beautiful suburbs I have never met a foreign country - futile," "because I love Moscow.<br /><br />In the same vein, expressed the people who would not want to break away from family and relatives: relatives here, "" all the relatives and friends here. "<br /><br />People pointed out as the undisputed plus a small distance between the urban and country house: "because a number of"; "closer and more convenient," "Outside of the house to be more accessible and a ticket to fly."<br /><br />Another strong argument "for the suburbs" - a decent cost of servicing foreign property: "Outside of housing need to contain something, but no money," "abroad simply can not pull."<br /><br />Our respondents mentioned such obstacles as lack of language skills: the language barrier prevents "," without knowing the language we have no one there. "<br /><br />Another interesting opinion in this group - the money should be spent in the country where you earned it, that is in their country.<br /><br />Now, get acquainted with the arguments of those who would have bought a house in some country resort. Recall that they have 19,2%.<br /><br />So, one of the main arguments in favor of overseas purchases - a good, warm climate and proximity to the sea.<br /><br />An important reason for the choice of serving and social stability, which, as some of our fellow citizens, more characteristic European countries: how to calm out there and more stable "," here becomes very difficult to live, "" because of the social situation in our Russia. "<br /><br />Buy a house abroad and would like people who already have a dacha near Moscow: "house in the village already has," "but why two real estate in Russia."<br /><br />People also pointed out that overseas square meters cost less, and it attracts: "home is cheaper," "you know what is the price." Finally, another important point - people want to relax in comfort: "do not like to farm and cottage.<br /><br />Those who chose a house abroad, we were asked to indicate where they would like to buy real estate. In general, our interviewees called Mediterranean countries, as well as Bulgaria. In addition, popular were Germany, Britain, Czech Republic, Britain, Finland and New Zealand.<br /><br />To summarize. 63.2% of Muscovites who participated in our opinion poll, believe that the need to buy a "second home" in the suburbs, rather than abroad. They explain its decision to patriotism, the unwillingness to live abroad, attachment to the Moscow suburbs, where there are already giving, family connections, who do not want to razryvat.Lyudi noted that Moscow is much closer to that housing is expensive in overseas content. Furthermore they hinder the language barrier and the belief that earnings need to invest in his country.<br /><br />19.2% hold the opposite view - they like the idea of buying a house abroad. Their arguments: a nice, warm climate and proximity to the sea, social stability, a more affordable price and comfort. In addition, owners of summer cottages in the suburbs would want to buy overseas housing "in addition" to existing properties. The most popular countries in our audience were Mediterranean countries.<br /><br />17.6% failed to answer. Comparing these results with data from our last year's survey, we can note that the number of fans suburbs remained virtually unchanged (63.7% vs. 63.2%). Arguments Patriots suburbs for the year remained unchanged. As for those who have spoken in favor of foreign countries, in their comments this year have not sounded the theme "a chance to start a new life," which was relevant in our last poll. And a few have shifted preferences of respondents in favor of the resort (in the past year, the most popular were Germany and the USA). Thus, people have become more binding stay abroad is a holiday, not business, life and work.<br /><br />Thus, the results of our case studies we can conclude that Muscovites prefer to have a "second home" in the suburbs rather than abroad, and for the year of crisis, this trend has not changed.<br />/ / Metrinfo.Ru<br />
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