Penthouse - a new lifestyle of the «elite»

02.10.2010 11:16
Articles about real estate | Penthouse - a new lifestyle of the «elite» Today, the fashion elite and all original, category «VIP-class" and "haute couture" literally everywhere, from clothes to real estate. Following the example of the West, and Russia is becoming a popular accommodation with the unusual name of "Penthouse." If you submit a "penthouse" in the imagination draws a huge apartment, or even a house with beautiful garden and stunning views from the window. Subject penthouses is interesting not only in terms of architecture and culture, and psychology. It's just kind of property or a new lifestyle? The owners 'penthouse' - who they are, and why buy such a home? "Penthouse" - this is just another demonstration of investment in social status or have other goals? Let's find out ...

So what is a "penthouse"?
There are many definitions, each in its own way is right.

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For some, this elegant apartment on the top of a skyscraper, while others are not flat at all, and the whole house. According to the American definition, from Penthouse comes the so-called luxury home on the roof of the skyscraper, a single and the most expensive housing. Appeared "penthouses" in America, along with skyscrapers. Today in Europe - is a high-class accommodation, located in the middle of the metropolis. Housing, where has a greenhouse, fireplace, pool, garden and even a playground for the helicopter. This is a hybrid of country houses and city apartments. From conventional apartments they differ gorgeous view, since there are "penthouse" on the upper floors of skyscrapers. This is an indicator of wealth and fame, status and success of the owner. Many stars and celebrities live is in Penthouse.

"Penthouse" in Russian.

"Penthouse" in St. Petersburg and Moscow - as a rule, the creation of Russian architects, but traditional methods do not, all borrowed from the West. Appeared such housing recently, about 6 years ago. Located "Penthouse" on the upper floors of tall buildings, surrounded by terraces. High ceilings in the 3,5 - 4 meters and an area of 300 "squares".
District, as a rule, central. In Moscow it Arbat, Frunze Embankment Ostozhenka. Prices are from $ 3000, and on the "penthouse" - from 7,000 dollars. But experts say its too high, since the area is sometimes just 250 meters, the ceilings below 3.5 feet, there is no room for a pool, gym - is given only 40% of building area. But, most importantly - the height of the total from 140 to 170 meters. In some of the penthouses of the windows can be observed only high-rise buildings.
Often in Moscow Penthouse apartment name on the upper floors of elite houses. But the real penthouse - a pestilence cottage on the roof of a skyscraper, with a wonderful panorama. Either it is located on the roof of high-rise mansion like a big attic. Best Penthouse rebuilt firm "Quarter", on Prospekt Vernadskogo. House "Quarter" - "business class", the red brick exterior combined with glass panels.
Upstairs - stacked "penthouses" 500 "squares" each. In a sliding roof, swimming pool, marble terrace. In the lobby of another ceiling height exceeds 13 feet. From the terraces one can see the whole capital. This is the most high-rise apartments - from 340 to 370 meters. And for the price (1,7 000 dollars) concede the center. Therefore, the "penthouse" "Quarter" - is one of the best offers on the property market.
The only penthouses, built up in an American - in the Shchukin, in "The Scarlet Sails". Panorama is amazing: the Tushino Airport, Silver Bor, near Moscow. Though this accommodation "penthouses" in the literal sense can not be called despite the area from 400 to 790 "squares". They do not occupy the entire territory of the upper floors. Exception - "Caesar", a three-tiered "penthouse" in the 1700 sq ft with terraces in the 700 meters, a living room with ceilings in the 8th, a lift and a helipad.

Compared with Moscow, St. Petersburg "penthouses" a little bit. Here, very little luxury homes, most of which are located in the center. Because of limitations of high-rise building, only a few projects "elitok" build a penthouse. Most often, these apartments are loft. The higher the houses are built, the less% "penthouses". Since the construction of "high-rise" housing stock increases, and the apartment on the roof can be only one. Now in St. Petersburg, build two luxury complex with houses on the roof - "Mont Blanc" and "Aurora." They are in the Vyborg district, overlooking the city center. There is a "penthouse" in the Nevsky Prospekt, and dozens of "penthouses" in new areas. The market of elite housing, and "penthouses" including developing faster model.

Disadvantages, advantages, and design "penthouses".

A huge advantage - no neighbors above and to one side, no need to think about soundproofing, no one to present a claim about the loud music. Still here clean fresh air, dust and dirt settles much lower. With good equipment is not afraid of no rain, no wind, as if it - a country house. Lows in the fact that many hard to live at this altitude. Also very important is waterproofing terraces. If there is a leak - have to make repairs to neighbors below.
Disposition "penthouse" is limited unless the imagination of the designer and owner. It makes windows, high ceilings allow to implement any ideas. Classic "penthouse" - the house with a garden and swimming pool. But some of his rebuilt in the style of the fantastic city, and even a pirate ship.
In one of the houses, "Quarter" builders create something like this: 500-sq. m, they are building a pirate ship. Height of 12 meters allows you to recreate the ship in 4 tiers, with bridges, rope ladders, ropes on which is mounted lighting. From the large window-mast with a spectacular panorama of the Troparevsky park, and all around - endless sky and escapes to infinity lights Leninsky Prospekt.

Another example of originality - one of the most high-profile projects on the roof of the American skyscraper. The roof consists of several rectangular prisms: box of concrete in a glass case. The composition includes a glass terrace, water pit, over the smooth surface of which amounts as would hang. This method of meditative space of contemplation. Importantly - of the city. New York is presented here in a better perspective - the tops of skyscrapers, like the concrete jungle. The interior of the penthouse "in the style of Art Deco." In the "penthouse" played with the old elevator booth 30-ies. "Stuck" in the facade of the two prism, as it resists the laws of gravity. It's like a house of modern times, to pull out from the film "Fifth Element".

The Most Expensive Penthouse in Russia and the West.

The most expensive capital city "Penthouse" is located in a residential complex "Vienna House," on Plyushchikha. This is the only complex of artesian wells and fencing of the Imperial Palace. Penthouse, 500 square meters. m, has three levels, a winter garden, swimming pool and gorgeous views. The complex has a Viennese cafe, beauty salon, fitness center with swimming pool and much more. On the inside the territory of a children's mini-camp, and water is supplied from an artesian well. The most expensive in the U.S. - Penthouse Hotel «The Pierre Hotel», worth 70 million dollars. It includes a 7-meter ceilings and an excellent view of the city.

Who lives, like the gods?

Purchase a "penthouse" - means creating a certain lifestyle, luxury, pleasure and enjoyment and relaxation. Can do it often lonely people, not families. Sometimes in these houses suit the studio for intimate shows and pornosessy.
But more often "penthouses" gets "golden youth" - highly paid young professionals, by age 25 they already millionaires. Although a clear portrait of the owner yet, but like an apartment - it's exotic.
Unite the owners of penthouses "great financial resources and the level of philosophy. They look at the life of the city from the heights of aesthetics, with the superiority of rich civilization of the mind that is not given to everyone. Life in the Penthouse metropolis like living gods of Olympus, it's place of worship of all great cities of the world.
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