Paying for land in Kiev will increase

19.01.2018 00:30
Articles about real estate | Paying for land in Kiev will increase The KSCA was concerned about the norms of the normative monetary assessment of the lands of settlements. A year after the approval of the appropriate procedure for assessing the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, the KSCA found that to calculate the cost of payment for land unregistered land parcels set a coefficient of 2, while until 2017 this indicator was 2.5.  Taking into account that in the structure of tax revenues the payment for land is the second largest by volume, KSCA applied to the Cabinet with a request to increase the coefficient for unregistered land plots to 3.

This is stated in a letter of Kyiv City State Administration №001-3726 from December 29, 2017 to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, - transfers KievVlast.

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KSCA specifies in the letter that in accordance with Article 289 of the Tax Code of Ukraine, a normative monetary valuation of land plots is used to determine the amount of payment for land-tax and rent.

"Since 01.01.2017, the new Order of the normative monetary assessment of the lands of settlements (hereinafter the Procedure), approved by the order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine from 25.11.2016 No. 489, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on December 19, 2016 under No. 1647/29777. The procedure established that for land plots, information about which is not included in the State Land Cadastre, and if there is no code in the State Land Cadastre code of the Classification of Species of Specific Land Use, the coefficient that characterizes the functional use of the land plot (KF) during the calculation of the normative monetary estimate is used with a value of 2.0, "the letter said.

The document also says that the majority of business entities that did not formalize the right to land in accordance with the procedure established by law before 01.01.2017 paid for land on the basis of the calculation of the normative monetary evaluation of the land plot using Kf = 2.5.

The letter also says that the priority task of the Moscow authorities in the context of decentralization is to expand financial autonomy by increasing the role of payment for land during the implementation of the budget of Kiev.

KSCA asked the Cabinet to amend the Order and increase the coefficient for the areas not listed in the State Land Cadastre to Kf = 3,0. Also, this coefficient should be applied to the areas for which there is no land classification code for land use in the statements of the land cadastre.

According to the Moscow authorities, this will help to fill the State Land Cadastre with information on land plots and will stimulate business entities to register land plots.

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