Passive settlement of the future will be opened for tourists

27.08.2010 08:05
Articles about real estate | Passive settlement of the future will be opened for tourists Passive settlement of the future in Tenerife will be open to tourists. Those who wish to relax in the Canaries can choose this "green" area as their place of rest and a dip in the technology of the future. In the winter it will be possible to rent one of the houses of the village with three bedrooms for $ 200-280 per night.

The Government of Tenerife (the largest island in the Canaries) 14 years ago, has announced an open competition for architects around the world - to create a self-contained housing, which would be environmentally friendly, totally not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and all the energy for the home was taken on the nature of the natural way.

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There were sent about 400 projects. Of them have chosen the top 25 to place a 400 thousand square meters. m settlement of the future for the tourists.

For 5 years, this village was built. And the winner of this contest was a house called "La Geria" (horseshoe) Spanish team led by Cesar Ruiz-Larrea Cangas. The house is very similar to the bunker, because of this it retains the heat of the earth and its upper part allows you to convert sunlight into energy.

All houses are different in appearance and in how they use natural energy for household needs. Uses all natural sources using different devices, ranging from solar panels, wind generators and water desalination ending of the Atlantic.

All materials were selected in such a way that they were processed and does not pollute the environment. Colors of the houses were to use natural, home to fit into the environment.

But the most important condition of competition - is to make these homes a convenient housing for the visiting tourists. What the architects thought alone, it's not so easy to house-bunker in the shape of a star turn in a familiar house with all amenities, writes
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