Party of Regions quarreled over the Crimean land

24.01.2011 12:05
Articles about real estate | Party of Regions quarreled over the Crimean land Vladimir Yatsuba intends to persuade party colleagues to revisit the law, which strengthens the powers of the Council of Ministers of Crimea in the field of land relations.

"I will raise this issue in Kiev on Monday", - assured the envoy in an interview with the weekly "First Crimea. "I will try to convince the deputies in Kyiv, not embarrass yourself, do not disgrace the Party of Regions faction, and adopt the law, who prepared Dzharty. This will be the touchstone on which you have checked and my actions. I will do everything to strengthen the position Golubkov on the ground. If part of the Party of Regions has not voted for the bill, what am I doing here? ".

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Scandalous bill MPs looked on the eve of his vacation - on January 13. All of a sudden the support of the bill rejected the Party of Regions. The fact that at the last minute before the vote I received a call "chief conductor of the" Party of Regions "in parliament Mikhail Chechetov and he gave the go-ahead not to vote. As a result, the document only 26 deputies voted in the 226 required, according to Delo.

The same day, the Crimean prime minister harshly criticized his own party. Dzharty said that the reason for failure in the Verkhovna Rada of the law to strengthen the office of the Council of Ministers of Crimea in land relations are the property interests of a number of deputies, including the Party of Regions. "The faction voted did not vote some people - the prime minister said. - The reason I think that inside there are MPs who are not beneficial to the law was. "

According Dzharty among the deputies of the Party of Regions are those whose interests are on the coast of the Crimea affect the proposed bill.

"And they would not like knowing my position to negotiate with me, because I agree it will be impossible, - has assured the prime minister. - The law will pass, as it did not try to separate would-be MPs to put the step in the promotion of reforms and actions aimed at regulating land relations. Bacchanalia should end at the root, we need to stop squandering of property in Crimea, so this law to be. "

The newly appointed presidential representative in Crimea, Vladimir Yatsuba also believes the reason the bill is not the property interests of deputies in the Crimea.

"We understand perfectly well that ends with the distribution of property in the form of production, etc. In Ukraine, the remaining lands. In Crimea, she has always been expensive, always valuable, always went for it ... - said Yatsuba. - A government still has no right to intervene in this topic.
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