Parliament adopted a law on the termination of the right to use plot for public purposes

05.07.2012 15:30
Articles about real estate | Parliament adopted a law on the termination of the right to use plot for public purposes The Verkhovna Rada adopted the law in general, to terminate the right to use state land, communal and private property, alienation and redemption of land and located on her property in land acquisition for public use or public necessity. For a law № 9557 "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine (concerning the right to stop use of land, the withdrawal of them for public use)" from December 8, 2012 226 People's Deputies voted on Thursday.

The law assumes the possibility of termination of the lease zemuchastka, buy land, alienation of land and facilities located thereon at the request of the executive, local authorities, as well as legal entities, which will in use for public purposes the land.

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At the same time is a prerequisite for a full refund of the last tenant damages and payment of costs in the process of termination of the lease on the land and the alienation of real estate.

Thus, the termination of the lease on the land is permissible if the planned placement of objects on it or not on another zemuchastke, or a place will lead to "significant material damage or adverse environmental consequences for the territorial community" - said in a comparative table on the draft law.

The requirement to terminate the lease on the zemuchastok, by law, may also be charged with the tenant, if the public use of the land to be used.

In addition, the lease of land may be terminated if the claimant proves to the court that the placement of facilities for public use can not be on the zemuchastke without terminating the contract with the tenant.

In addition, land and real estate can be bought from the owner. The size of the purchase price is set by the executive or the local authorities and the courts.

In case of alienation, or the provision of land for public use, privately owned, according to the bill, the right to use someone else's land for agricultural purposes (fee farm) and development (superficies) terminated.

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