Parking in loading: why empty parking spaces in new buildings

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Articles about real estate | Parking in loading: why empty parking spaces in new buildings Parking lots and parking spaces in new buildings are still lacking. And while not every newly-born owner is willing to spend more on an underground parking space. Too much bite prices, and sometimes much more profitable to leave the car near the entrance even at the risk of its theft. Many motorists believe that it is much cheaper to buy a new car domestic production than a place in a public parking lot. Understand it and developers who are willing to provide potential buyers discounts, installments, and even gifts.

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Oh where, where, as in the new elite complexes such problems as lack of parking places, simply does not exist. It would be like to talk about the lack of capacity at engine Bugatti Veyron or Ferrari. And even the 1-2 places provided per apartment, and 3-4 in the penthouse immediately redeemed. Only in a nightmare can prividetsya that man, put a dozen or two million dollars for an apartment, he suddenly did not have hundreds of thousands on a warm roof for your car. And never dare he leave his Mercedes, Volvos and other expensive car in the yard. "The highest level of sales of notes in an underground parking facilities with premium, - says Andrey Glebov, director of sales and marketing company" Domus Finance. - In addition to the convenience and security, owning a parking space for residents of such homes is also a clear indication of high status. And it is not uncommon for owners to acquire two or three parking spaces for a family. " Moreover, in most cases, parking spaces are already booked in the process of buying an apartment that at one time complete with all the instruments.

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But in the LCD business class, according to observations of Alexander Zima, Director of Sales real estate company Penny Lane Realty, parking lots and sold off harder and longer. And not just as the elite facilities, and renovated new home, or when the house is already fully occupied. On average, one apartment and provides one parking space. Although there may be less, and maybe more. Thus, in LCD, "Shuvalov on 2,544 apartments have 1,966 parking spaces, but in a complex" Triumph Palace "for 987 flats allotted 1,330 parking spaces, in" Kutuzovsky Riviera "- 752 apartments and 800 parking spaces, and in the House at Mosfilm "one apartment is already provided for 2 cars. While no one can guarantee that even half of the underground parking in the middle segment can be immediately implemented.
Reluctance to "businessmen" to acquire parking places for two reasons. First, even the owners of the apartments still are not rich enough to quietly leave the $ 40-80 thousand Second, buyers of apartments with open plan, the arrangement of which is necessary to invest heavily, postpone a decision until the end of the parking issue repairs. Finally, the third group of clients secretly hopes that with the enclosed and protected area home hijackers hardly dare to steal a car.

As for economy-class homes in which there are also both ground and underground parking, then even though that three apartments can be only one parking space, buy up their no hurry. Owners of affordable housing in the model homes prefer to get a tent-shells, or buy metal garage with it. The richest through consumer loans acquire avtomesta in the "people's garages. But most of the settlers and did not think of a warm car park, because they have got flats in new houses is not the clusters of money, but through alternative transactions. And several hundred thousand rubles for them quite a substantial sum.

But what would be the class of residential buildings nor discussed, and, according to Mary Litinetskoy, CEO of Miel-New ", the successful implementation of the parking spaces in underground and on street parking does not depend only on the availability of funds in your pocket but also on many other factors: the location of the LC, the density of building area, price, finally. For example, in LC "Volgograd", which refers to the economy class, with a huge number of apartments the number of parking places sharply limited. All the more so in the district there is a severe shortage of surface parking, lack of guest parking and parking lots near the complex itself. Naturally, that is one month before the start of sales of housing and formed part of the cars. Opposite example - LCD Business Class "Grand Park", where every apartment has an average of six seats. Sales of apartments and parking spaces in parking has been going on for several years, however underground parking space is still not sold out.

"The high cost of parking places in the economy really scares away many customers - agrees Olga Novikova, head of analytics and consulting company NDV-Real Estate. - Yes, and our experience shows that sales increased only in the final stages of construction, and more - at the time of entering the house in operation. I remember in neighborhood Tsaritsyno, where new development is in the initial stage, sold out no more than ten parking spaces per month. And when a roof, sales jumped to 100 parking spaces. "

Somewhere in the dense, somewhere is empty
Before the crisis, when wages and incomes of Muscovites were high, parking space in new buildings bought for the future and with a reserve. "I remember when home sales in the residential complex" Scarlet sails "- looks to the past Artem Kahanovsky, Director of Residential Real Estate Academy Great reality, - some owners of apartments purchased for 3-5 underground parking spaces. Some with a view to resale, the other, as they say in the future for his family. So, investors are now suffering losses. In the same "Scarlet sails" one of the owners for a long time could not sell their homes with two cars. Buyers were willing to buy only the very flat.

Although this example - the exception rather the rule. Often happens when a prestigious building in the parking deficit. And instead of the 2-3 places in the apartment in an underground parking luxury complex is allocated only one. Especially often this problem comes to the fore during the construction of housing the highest category in the city center. In the luxury segment of the norm is the presence of 3.2 parking spaces per apartment. But in the new house on the Arbat, 31, owner of the apartment can only count on one parking space. "

However, many residents of the center of Moscow acutely felt the lack of parking spaces in underground and in surface parking. Conversely, the outskirts of the capital, where grow the LCD economy class (Tsaritsyno, "Michurino", "Alekseevo"), fitted and ground, and underground parking. Free land for them there is much more than in the historical part of the capital. However, here there is another, important for the builder problem - unsold cars. "Most owners of cheap apartments, if there is free space, simply leave the car near the entrance, - commented Alexander Zima, director of real estate sales company Penny Lane Realty. - If it is not found, throw a car from a neighboring house. Only about 20% of citizens willing to pay the required amount. And usually it's either a "people's garage, or paid guarded parking lot."

This is understandable: parking space in the "People's Garage" is worth 350 thousand rubles. Disabilities first and second groups, it can be provided free or at reduced price. It is worth noting that if in 2009 to reserve parking spaces preferential categories of citizens under the program "People's Garage" has been allocated 792 million rubles., Then in 2010 - 1 billion 242 million, however, rely on the grace garage can only Muscovites.

South Butovo Underground parking at economy-class houses are 3-4 times more expensive than "traditional". For example, in LC "Butovo Park" prices range from 950 thousand to 1.2 million rubles. In detached garage complex LC "Bittsevsky" from 550 thousand to 1.5 million rubles., Depending on level. Although there are residential projects, which pozemnye parking lots are sold at reasonable prices. If the city average cost of parking places in underground parking ranges from 1 million to 1.5 million rubles., The district Tsaritsyno they can acquire and over 470 thousand "The cost of parking depends not only on the class home, but the number of square meters, which is going to get in using the car owner - making a significant detail Artem Kahanovsky. - It is enough for a small car and 10 square meters. m, and two jeeps are not appropriate and at 16, so the apartment owner acquires at least 24 parking squares. If you talk about average prices, the parking-class economy of the spread is from 400 thousand to 1.5 million rubles. In business from 1,2 to 2,5 million, while in higher residential segment from 3 to 7.5 million rubles.

Marketing Tricks

With the implementation of the parking spaces developers use a variety of stimulating demand tools. This interest-free installment plan, and substantial discounts when, for example, offered to purchase two parking lots for the price of one. Squares in the parking lot and provided as a gift, but as a rule, in cases where the client is situated in the Apartment, that in itself is not cheap. At the time of Miel-New "in the LCD of the Grand Park is conducting an action in which it was possible to buy parking space in the underground parking at a discount of up to 35%. And in January of this year already, "NDV-estate" excessive and in the neighborhood Tsaritsyno carried out the action, giving the buyer an apartment parking space as a gift. Since February, shares of the conditions have changed, and now for everyone to get a private car park provides interest-free installment plan with an initial contribution of 30%.

However, saying "Who has not had time, he was late" is a fairly conventional. And if you keep your nose to the wind and ears on the top, then on the eve of major holidays can count on 10 to 15 percent discount when buying cars. Surplus parking squares in the LCD economy and business class are always available, and because the developer had to regularly cut prices to attract buyers' attention to a stagnant product on display.

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