Paintings on the walls - good luck in the house

06.10.2010 00:03
Articles about real estate | Paintings on the walls - good luck in the house Picturesque mountain and river landscapes are great in terms of Feng Shui, especially if the pictures are hung correctly. Mountain landscapes must always be behind you in a place where you sit, and water views - in front of you.
Mountains provide symbolic support you. Reproduction of Mount Everest provides support for very high mountains, and beautiful, if it hangs in the office or workplace host or hostess.

Image bearing good luck flowers like peonies, chrysanthemums, orchids (this is only a few names for example) is always good. When these colors are present in the mural art products - ceramic vases, porcelain or earthenware boxes - they create harmonious energy in the house. There is one rule - to avoid all that seems to threaten you.

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Be cautious when purchasing patterns for home. Do not buy paintings of wild animals and works of abstract art, where many sharp outlines. As well as paintings, reminiscent sadness. For example, the "Weeping Woman" by Picasso looks great in a museum, but it looks awful, if it is to hang in the house. Also, do not hang paintings and prints at home with images of wrinkled old men and women. These so-called characteristic portraits generate unhealthy energy. On the contrary, try to surround yourself with images that inspire, breathe happiness, wealth and prosperity. One of the best facilities of Feng Shui, which can be hung on the wall in the house - a family portrait in which each member of the family looks happy. This is a way of preserving the integrity of the family.

Among the dangerous objects, which is better, included paintings and ceramic figurines of wild animals. A wild beast, especially if it is in the bedroom, distributes energy deadly breath. Extending this idea, we encourage you to let go of the house all the "trophies". Antlers and rugs from the skin of a tiger - it is also taboo in terms of Feng Shui.
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