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04.09.2010 21:30
From August 2 to take effect new rules for calculating subsidies. Changes tells the deputy head of the social protection of Lviv City Council 48-year-old Igor Bilonizhko.<br /><br />- Families who are entitled to the subsidy, will now pay for housing services is not more than 10-15 percent of total family income. Previously it was 15-20. Among other innovations - reducing the number of documents that should provide for registration of citizens privileges. And also the fact that subsidies are appointed, even if there are arrears of payment komuslug.<br /><br /><strong>How to determine whether the family has the right to grant?</strong><br /><br />- It is necessary to calculate the aggregate income of all members for six months. This includes salaries, pensions, and scholarships, and all kinds of assistance. Divide into six, we get an average monthly income.<br /><br />Then take the receipt for the previous month and add the payment for gas, water, plumbing, heating, electricity, rent. If you are going to submit data for July, the gas must be added another 50 percent of the cost, because he has risen in price since August. Get the amount you must pay. If it is greater than 10-15 percent of your income, subsidies comprise.<br /><br /><strong>What determines the interest rates of 10 or 15?</strong><br /><br />- Families, consisting only of pensioners and other citizens incapable of work, can pay no more than 10 percent of income.<br /><br />So many are paying as a family in which there are children, disabled the first and second groups and the average gross income per family member does not exceed 50 percent of the subsistence minimum per person. Cost of Living in the moment - 843 hryvnia. Other families, which include those able-bodied persons are entitled to pay for housing services is not more than 15 percent.<br /><br /><strong>How to simplify the procedure for registration of subsidies?</strong><br /><br />- Citizens do not need to file a certificate from the housing department to provide members of the family living area, the so-called form two. And simplified form of declaration of assets for the state grant, now it has only one, not two pages. In a statement not four, but two pages. To complete the application and the declaration must have a passport with all family members, identification numbers, employment records of pensioners, statement of earnings of all family members over the previous six months.<br /><br />Entrepreneurs are served from the tax administrations statement of earnings for the previous two quarters.<br /><br /><strong>Who is not eligible for subsidies?</strong><br /><br />- The declaration should celebrate not only the living area, and all other housing facilities owned by a person. At a family member must be 21 square meters of living space plus 10.5 meters per family. If there is more, subsidies will not be. This does not apply to one-bedroom apartments.<br /><br />There will be no subsidy, if workable family members do not attend school, do not work, are not registered at the employment center in the past three months. The exceptions are those citizens who look after children up to 3 years up to 6 for reasons of health or disability. And those that contain three minor children.<br /><br />If you bought a house, then the grant will provide only one year after purchase. There were only help if a family has more than two vehicles.<br /><br />The subsidy is available only to owner of the apartment.<br /><em>svdevelopment.com</em><br />
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