Own real estate in Germany: types, prices, prospects

24.11.2010 12:41
Germany - the state with a stable developing economy, low inflation and a variety of real estate - is becoming increasingly attractive for Russians - home buyers abroad.

The property market in Germany has a pronounced positive feature - detsentralyzovannosty. The country is divided into 16 states and the growth of housing prices asked by the major cities of each region, rather than a separate, large metropolis. In the richest city in Germany and promising include Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Bonn. You are buying homes not only Germans but foreigners (usually those who intend to work or study in that country). And a growing number of investors who bought the apartment for future rentals. This kind of business is popular in large cities, and resorts. One of the most attractive cities for foreign students is Baden-Baden - spa and treatment center, famous healing springs, opera, casinos and social life. Here purchasing mainly for personal use. Thus recently it considerably more expensive, which gives a guaranteed return on investment. Also in this category include property in Garmisch-Partenkirchen - First-class ski resort, on a level comparable to elite Courchevel.

Types of real estate in Germany

Building on a family - Einfamilienhaus (EFH). These residential buildings most specific, modularly expandable as the planning and possible completion or processing in the future. In this house if you want you can schedule a small separate apartment - Einfamilienhaus mit Einliegerwohnung. But it should be noted that this is the most expensive of all types of housing.

Building on two families - Doppelhaus (DH). Because each part of the house has only three exterior walls (the fourth - the total), it costs the customer less expensive as the construction and payment of utility services. The customer actually gets only poldoma - Doppelhaushaelfte (DHH), which means living with a neighbor.

Buildings that stand in a row, - Reienhaeuser (RH). This is one of the most affordable types of private housing. Savings achieved by less than the cost of land, buildings and connect to municipal utilities.

Private apartment - Eigentumswohnung (EW). Those who prefer to live within the city or even in the middle, find a suitable price for the land for the construction or ready home very problematic because Eigentumswohnung - often the only possible option for personal housing. The apartment is privately owned, but the landing, facade engineering services - a special and / or total property (Sondereigentum und / oder Gemeinschaftseigentum).

When buying real estate should pay attention not only in appearance, but the age structure. In modern office buildings more functional and comfortable, their technical equipment is noticeably higher.


As an example, you can bring the price of housing, situated outside Berlin. The trends observed here are typical for other large cities. It should be noted that in comparison with Moscow in the German capital cost of apartments about a class is considerably lower. Thus, in the central districts of Berlin can buy an apartment, the corresponding best international standards, at a cost 1200-1300 euro per 1 square. Odnushka area of 30 square meters. m from interior design and furniture required will cost 36-39 thousand euros, and two area of 50 square meters. m - in the 60-75 thousand euros. Relatively inexpensive to buy an apartment in one of the most prestigious and safe area of the center of West Berlin - Shtehlytsi, which characterized by good road access, excellent infrastructure, low-rise residential buildings. Many houses have the status of architectural monuments and adjoining landscaped area so that you can open the competition to such landscaping.

Less demanding buyers who do not apply for an apartment in the capital, can choose an economy class accommodation, located in the Spandau district. It happened optimal ratio "price - quality". Cost of 1 square. m in the renovated building 1960 building is about $ 700 Lowest prices - in panel buildings which are located in areas of former East Germany and based on standard projects. We have implemented major projects for the reconstruction of such buildings, and the price is slowly transformed into housing, but rising. This market draws attention of investors from many countries, which also stimulates an increase of cost.

What you need to purchase?

German legislation does not require the buyer opened a commercial firm, collecting large amounts of documents and, therefore, substantial costs of the transaction. For sale flats do not need to receive such important, according to the Russians, the documents as the apartment floor plan with BTI, a copy of the financial personal account. Would be required and consent of the spouse of the deal.

All you need to buy a Russian citizen apartments in Germany - a passport and a sufficient amount of money. With the support of a professional - the Russian-speaking estate agent who knows the peculiarities of foreign real estate market, you can venture to the road. For this property and its purchase of the procedure is suitable even short-term tourist visa.

Realtor Helps

Of course, buying any real estate is practically impossible without at least a short trip for her review. Realtor should be possible to carry out productive work, to such a visit was not a waste of time and additional article unreasonable costs.

Before the appeal in estate agency should be clearly defined for a number of output parameters:

* The budget allocated for the purchase;
* Will the owner bought the property used for living or rentals;
* District locations purchased housing (large or small city, resort destination);
* Type of property (apartment in an apartment house or low-rise houses, house to the ground, etc.).

Before the study trip to purchase municipal or suburban real estate is important to learn more about where the house was built, when it carried out capital repairs, especially on the heating system of planning and interior decoration, the possible disadvantages. This can provide significant aid agency representatives, working with real estate in Germany.

Prospects for home owners in Germany

Real estate in Germany can bring let a small but steady income. Many apartments are set up for sale already have potential tenants, so do not spend time on search, bear the cost of paying utility bills. All you need - open a checking account in a German bank, which will receive monthly rental payments. A utility payments - caring tenant. Lord of the estate, having multyvizu can go to Europe at any convenient time for education, to rest and treatment, travel to cultural events, etc.

Russians - the owners of real estate in Germany has the right to live in this country six months a year, and also regularly visit other Schengen countries.
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