Own house in the country - a prestigious

23.05.2020 00:00
Today, owning a house in the country - is prestigious. And, this is not the prerogative of wealthy citizens. Living, communicating with nature, enjoying the birdsong, fresh air and lack of hustle any person. Because a country house - is not only environmentally friendly but also very economical. The costs of construction or acquisition of a country cottage - much less than buying an apartment in the city.

A citizen who decided to buy a country house, opens several options to achieve goals. Each has its own characteristics. Let us examine them in detail.

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Firstly, you can buy land from a development company that has no construction work. Many investment companies are now investing in the purchase of land, assuming that further construction on their houses. It is inexpensive and symbolic: "There will be a garden city." Every whim for your money.

Secondly, if you're lucky, you can buy a house with an adjacent site in the suburbs. True, almost all suburban home inhabited by old-timers or the most adventurous homeowners, who managed in time to orientate themselves in regard to the acquisition of real estate. In addition, a village hut, albeit a very colorful, not always consistent with current views on safety and comfort accommodation.

Therefore, for those who are not going to hurry to build your dream home, an option to buy land and self-construction is optimal. Especially that engineering equipment such site - care developer: gas, water, sewerage, roads are fed guaranteed and up to date.

Everything else - caring only the owner gets the opportunity to build a vacation home for your individual project, "under him." Less - adjacent buildings. In the case of the neighborhood with long-term construction, housing dreams have turned into a fortress surrounded by a high fence.

Third, you can buy a cottage or land in the cottage with the existing construction contracts. This is for those who would in the near future to move out of town. In this case, you, along with the house, get a proper environment and the necessary infrastructure: shops, service centers, recreation and public areas, playgrounds and places for dog walking.

Unfortunately, offered for sale cottages differ in a limited number of architectural decisions. This can be considered a significant disadvantage. Not everyone wants to change the typical urban apartment as a typical country house. But surely there are those for whom comfort and lack of negative effects metropolis outside the city will make any reasonable standard solution.

Sure, the first two variants outperform the latter's value. But the third - much better and faster. In achieving the goal - as soon as possible to say goodbye to the noise, exhaust fumes, dust and traffic jams and feel like a real master of his own country house.
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