Overview of the market of private homes in Kiev: December 2015

06.01.2016 01:00
Articles about real estate | Overview of the market of private homes in Kiev: December 2015 In December 2015 the average price submitted for the sale of houses in Kiev was 26269 USD. for 1 sq. m. In comparison with September, the average price of homes fell by 3%. In dollar terms the weighted average bid price decreased by 9.4% to US $ 1135. USA / sq. m. (± 4%). Compared to December 2014, home prices in Kiev hryvnia rose by 22.3%, while the dollar fell by 16.7%.
The growth rate in UAH was 1.22, 0.83 dollars.


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Quantity for sale of private homes, in December 2015 compared to September increased by 4.4% to 967 objects. The volume of supply of houses in total area and in money terms decreased by 3.4% and 4.9%, respectively.

Compared to December 2014, the number of homes decreased by 13.7%. The growth rate was 0.86. The proportion of homes for sale for the first time in the reporting period amounted to 32.7% of the total supply.

The average bid price of "new" homes in Kiev is 12.4% below the average price of September is 23701 USD. for 1 sq. m.
In dollar terms - by 18.2% lower than 1024 dollars. USA / sq. m.

The structure represented by the sale of houses in Kiev

The greatest number of houses in Kiev in December proposed in Darnytskyi District (34%). In Solomenskiy - 14%, in Goloseyevsky - 13%, in the Dnieper - 9%, in Obolonsky, Podolsky and Svyatoshinsky - 7%, in the Shevchenko - 6%.
The smallest number of homes put up for sale in Desnyanskiy (2%) and Caves (1%) regions. Depending on the area of ​​the house, the largest share of the total volume occupied by the home area of ​​100-250 square meters. m - 36% of 250-500 square meters. m - 35%. Next, in descending order, followed by home area of ​​100 square meters. m - 17% and more than 500 square meters. m - 12%.
In 20% of the houses of higher price segment the weighted average price of the offer was 45 761 USD. per sq m (1977 dollars. / sq. m.), and 20% of homes in the low price segment - 11342 UAH. / m (490 USD. / sq. m.). The index of the bundle (the ratio of the prices "expensive" housing for "cheap") as a whole in Kiev was 3.7.
In local currency, the increase in average prices was observed in Obolon (6.3%), Darnytskyi (1.1%) and the Dnipro (0.4%) regions. In other regions registered a decline - from 0.7% to 11% Goloseyevsky in Svyatoshinsky. In dollar terms decline in all areas - from 0.7% to 16.8%.
The price review of private homes in Kiev carried IAP "Capital estate" on a quarterly basis based on the data provided by the Academy "Ringing of church bells" and the Academy of Park Lane.
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