Overview of cottage villages of Leningrad Region

10.05.2011 11:15
Articles about real estate | Overview of cottage villages of Leningrad Region At the beginning of 2011, according to ARIN, in the Leningrad region were put up for sale 258 suburban complexes, which include 21,700 residential units, which are intended dL family residence, which represents 3.9 million square meters of housing.

The volume of unsold objects (sentences) is 11,700, or 2.08 million square meters. At the beginning of 2011 most of unsold were objects of class "economy" (49%). Share in the total supply of objects of class "business" is somewhat less - 35%. Should be called a more elite (9%) and the premium segment (7%).

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According to forecasts of the St. Petersburg Real Estate, in 2011, the market towns of the cottages is activated in the Leningrad region, which will propose new projects under consideration as sites with contract or without contract. Peak activity of both parties, buyers and developers, is expected in March-April 2011

It is believed that the main demand in 2011. will use the plots without a contract, in spite of this, sites with contract also will be interested buyers, particularly those where you can choose the project cottage. Estimated percentage of construction or ready-made houses - 10-20% of demand.

It is possible to significantly draw attention to the suburban real estate - to develop lending facilities. Modern banks are gradually returning to the suburban real estate market suburb of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. Some banks have opted for loan modifications: increase the time, falling interest rates, the size of the down payment.

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