Overview of cottage villages near Ufa

23.07.2010 12:42
Articles about real estate | Overview of cottage villages near Ufa More and more people are trying to buy land outside the city. Living in a cottage village put fashionable. And in this fashion many advantages.
Demand creates supply - today around Ufa has several satellite towns, where you can buy land for construction or the finished cottage. Low-rise construction is developing rapidly, except for government programs, there are plenty of commercial offers. You can select a cottage community, which will be appropriate for the location, infrastructure, status and, of course, price.

"Arguments and Facts," provides an overview of cottage villages near Ufa. Here you can either buy land to build or buy a ready-house "turnkey".

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Ufa region, 25 minutes drive from Ufa

25 minutes drive from the center of the metropolis, even without changing the place of work - this is a dream! " No, this is reality!

The settlement rebuilt 200 homes on plots of 12 hectare, almost all the houses are inhabited. In the future settlement will be expanded, there will be to choose a cottage with a large area, and with little in the garage and without, with attic, or two-story, with plots or town-house without the land, as well as various construction materials.

Infrastructure: All communications, situated near the lake.

17 km from Ufa

Designed for 46 houses. The picturesque location, situated near the forest. Town business class.

Infrastructure: administrative, engineering and operational systems, parking, supermarket, children's and sports facilities, security, car wash, shop, paved roads, lighted area, a fence around the perimeter of the site, its management company. The presence of all communications, natural gas has led.

It is being constructed under the program "My house". The settlement is designed for 575 homes.

Infrastructure: the presence of all communications. Nearby is the lake.

20 km from Ufa

It is being constructed under the program "My house".

The settlement is designed for 1,120 homes, involves the construction of three kindergartens, schools for 550 pupils, the playground, sports and fitness and of an office building, shops, paved road.

Infrastructure: availability of all necessary communications. Near the forest, river Yurmash.

Foreseen standard building houses. In the construction used a variety of technologies - ranging from logs and finishing keramzitoblokami.

Akberdin Villedzh
18 km from Ufa

Town business class. Accommodate 68 cottages and 92 town houses on individual plots.

On the territory of the village is an oak grove, the village itself is bordered by pine forest.

Facilities: mini market, coffee bar, billiard room, fitness club, playground, playground, tennis court, parking, alley with a small artificial pond, paved roads, car wash, mini-hotel for the staff, the perimeter fence, security, management company.

In the immediate vicinity of the village - Lake Evakul, the Belaya river, the complex "Tashly" school in with. Akberdin, church in. Nagaevo mosque in with. Akberdin.

Taptykovskie Terema
22 km from Ufa

Land plot area of 22 hectares is located near the Section Taptykovo. It is planned to build 143 cottages ranging from 180 to 300 sq.m.

Amenities: sports and playgrounds, recreation areas with artificial water body, as well as shopping center, the availability of all communications.

Deadline: to be completed in Quarter 3, 2010.

It is being constructed under the program "My house". The settlement is designed for 1,250 homes, involves the construction of social facilities, kindergartens, shops.

Infrastructure: the presence of all communications. Nearby is the lake.

French village in Mikhailovka

12 km from Ufa

The village is situated on the shores of Lake Vil'khove in a suburban village Mihajlivka.

"French court" is a single architectural ensemble consisting of 13 five-story brick houses.

Amenities: fitness club, a pharmacy, hairdresser, dry cleaner, grocery store, parking. Nearby are schools, kindergarten, shops. The presence of all necessary communications.

Olga SHABALOVSKAYA, Arguments and Facts
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