Overseas real estate - how to choose the country

11.01.2011 00:00
Thinking about buying overseas property, you need to take into account so many factors that the choice of countries could take several months. To save you time, here are some interesting comparative data on the purchase of real estate around the world. So, buying a property abroad, you should consider:

1. The level of comfort of living in a country (this figure includes quality of public services, developed infrastructure, good transport conditions and a number of other important life moments. The convenience of living in the world in the first positions are countries such as Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Austria, New Zealand. It is in these countries you will find everything you need for a quiet serene life, not darkened by traffic jams, located far from schools and hospitals, or dirty streets.
2. The cost of housing in different countries, too, for sure, you're interested. From the above-mentioned countries with good conditions for life, the cheapest accommodation available in Germany (from 1800 euros per square meters.). Roughly the same price and in New Zealand. The most expensive housing in the countries represented in Switzerland (from 5000 euros per square meters.)

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3. It is also important to consider the cost of various industrial products in different countries, as well as food. The most expensive countries in the world are England and Australia, the average price level in Switzerland and Bulgaria, and the lowest prices on products can be found in Germany and Canada.
4. The level of cleanliness environmental leaders are New Zealand and the Nordic countries - Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands.
5. Another important aspect to consider when buying a property, the taxes that you pay the government the cost of housing. The highest tax on buying a home you'll meet in the Netherlands (11.9%), while the lowest percentage of the tax rate in Iceland (2.5%).
6. The size of public utilities is very high in most European countries, it ranges from 15 to 30% of the family budget, but Iceland is a happy exception, there are utilities occupy 6% of the budget.

Interestingly, the Moscow ahead of most cities in the world at a cost of one square meter of housing and high cost of living, but inferior to foreign real estate service quality, environmental conditions and convenience of living in the city.

Choosing a country to purchase real estate, try to consider all aspects, then you'll avoid unpleasant surprises in his new home.

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