Outside settlements will be built

09.10.2010 07:03
Articles about real estate | Outside settlements will be built Ministry of Regional Development has published a draft law introducing the ban on construction of suburban and agricultural land outside the settlements, that is, in most horticultural associations. As will now be to build new buildings or rebuild old ones who already have a cottage, it remains unclear: is formally a new law this right does not give them. And the owners of private houses in the settlements have fairly run to obtain authorization for any adjustment. In the case of adoption law new rules will be introduced since the beginning of next year. Transitional period until 1 January 2015, will finish building without obtaining building permits to all those who are already constructing their homes in the settlements. What will happen to those who have already built a cottage, and even outside of the village, and even in the farmlands (and we are talking about most of dacha settlements and economy class), or planned to do it, Bill modestly silent. However, remained silent and self Ministry of Regional Development, ignoring request "money" to provide comments to the bill.

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