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20.05.2010 15:51
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Country Victorian mansion and Vadim Tsyganov-tale architecture, magical island in the middle of the water.
-Vicky, you are one of the few singers that does not change his style. Each of your song is the spirit of the country and its history. This is consistent with the principles of your life?
-Of course. If I was litsedeystvovat on this topic, flirting, then I would have no one believed, and the number of my fans would not be so great. When all you do sincerely from the heart, it resonates. I tried to sing love lyrics, but it I did not "gone". She sang songs, looking for myself, tried everything - was a very long search path, zigzagging. But now I find myself. My current schedule is based on the image, in which I said about myself at the beginning of creative way - when, performing one of his songs, morning woke up famous. My main song was "Andrew's flag. I - a man ideological. The patriotic song - this is my, this is me. My father - a naval officer, I was born in Khabarovsk. In our family, often going to Daddy's friends, who were singing war songs. Until now, I live this romance. I work for the stage, rather than show business. The woman on the stage must defend its self, that is its strength.
-You're strong?

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-I from the rib of Adam "- and the weak and strong. When God created woman, he considered all the early mistakes and corrected a lot. But he created those two halves, which should be together, complement each other. Sadly I look at single women, who succumbed to the temptation of feminism, separated from the men who destroyed her marriage. They lost their virtue, they only think they are stronger. We must humble their pride, because man sees far beyond his wife. I sometimes argue with Vadim, something he argued but time goes by, and I understand that he was right. A woman should help her husband, and this means - love. The winner is love, not force.
-And you do not regret that abandoned his career?
-No. I played in the plays of Ostrovsky, Chekhov, Lope de Vega. Yuri Lyubimov offered me the role of Lara in Doctor Zhivago. I was invited Tovstonogov, called for the role of Anna Karenina. It was in my life unforgettable meeting with Yevgeny Pavlovich Leonov. He told me that my finest hour not catch fire, and I have to justify his hopes. I chose the platform and found its director - Vadim. Now I - leading actress in our theater.
-You rely on fate?
-Element of mysticism in my life, of course. I knew that certainly met a man like Vadim. We met at the recording studio. He sat down next to me and we talked long, but when he left, he said: "So, so: now we are inseparable." I asked: "You want to be my director?" - "And director, and her husband!" When you meet an ideal, for it has to pay dearly: to whom much is given, much is to ask. Love - forced labor, to sweat, the blood, to tears. It's like polishing a diamond. Do you know how painful it is when the grind! Get to, but to escape, escape. Could ...
-Vadim-Your-town life - is also a kind of escape?
-In general, yes. I need to feel the earth under their feet. Besides it, the earth does not give a person sour - it must be something to plant, grow, have to work on it ... And then in the soul work begins. I do not like parties. For me more important than nature, flowers, grass, home comfort ... Home for us - not a fortress, and co-creation, this is our studio workshop. In the city everything was more complicated and fussy: there must go, here to drop. This took so much time! And here is everything we need. First, I would not think about moving, but Vadim convinced me. He came to this before. Now it seems to me that I lived here always. Here, nowhere to hurry. Do not even want to include a TV! During the tour so annoy other people's angles, state-owned beds, bedside tables with cockroaches ... But when I return, I have only 2:00 to lie down at home bed and sauna, steam bath, to make a mask - and all the weariness as a hand shoots.
-Do you love the land, although horoscope Scorpio, water sign.
-Just love the water: waterfalls, ponds, rivers. We present here the lake, a round, we swim in it. Even the fire does not possess such power, such as water. It can be changeable and permanent, ice and hot, muddy and crystal clear, fast and slow - any. I think our house is the best "fit" in a water environment ...
-By the way, who is the author of the project?
-By purchasing the land, we ordered the project to an acquaintance designer. But Vadim such a man, that he should definitely walk "to the bottom". He picked up the project, all of it perecherkal and the next day was their own. Everything you see here were created solely for his sketches and drawings. I knew that he was a good producer, wrote a remarkable poem, but the fact that design and architecture of his forces, proved to me as a surprise. He horoscope Gemini, so all willing to do himself - and what he gets. Friends call him "Russian Gaudi. Here is a staircase in art nouveau style, wrought iron lamps, mosaic mural on the windows - all of his work. His knowledge of world culture is reflected in the interior: Vadim uses a fine wood carving, exotic animal skins, blotches antiques. In addition, he has a passion - collecting old weapons, coins, carpets, exquisite shell ... And as a child he wanted to be director of the zoo. That's why we live swans, Japanese cock, talking parrot, a cat and a dog. I think he did not stop. Plenty of room.
-You're together all the time. It is not difficult?
-It is difficult, of course. For some time we were scattered, but not for long. Silence - the gold, and patience - a diamond. I - Scorpio, I need a purpose in life, and the twins, moving like quicksilver - perpetual motion. He was on me all the time running, but I caught up with him ... Vadim - my main goal.
-Last question: if the house you gave, you would be in it as rustic and happy?
Dome becomes animated when it begins life, touching your hands, your soul, thought and imagination - everything becomes a mother. It's like in art: a beautiful melody - only half the battle, it must give the word a special meaning. And then it becomes a song.
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