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02.11.2010 12:13
Articles about real estate | Ostentation Donetsk Trends in residential real estate market in Donetsk are strikingly different from all-Ukrainian.

There from the beginning of autumn have bought all the cheap houses. According to the agency's owner "real estate Donetsk Victor Petulko, after years of declining demand in their database, by September there were objects of very attractive prices. For example, the "Ones" in the city center for $ 35-36 thousand, "kopeck piece - $ 40 thousand, but in the first half of October of such options remain.

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Today realtors can offer potential candidates for objects of economy-class except that apartment on the outskirts. In the proletarian and the Kirov (mine Abakumov) areas of the regional center, the villages of North, Grabash "unity" a real find for $ 25 thousand, and in the Botanical Gardens (exit from the city toward Makeyevka) and is for $ 18 thousand

This fall, became a hot commodity luxury apartments, which are traditionally held in the sales of not more than 5%. VIP-now trades in the portfolios of local Academy for at least 10% of the total. Over the last month in the mining capital of plryadka sold hundreds of apartments worth more than $ 200 thousand

Buy and a primary premium of $ 2,5-3 thousand for a square and a secondary housing with an expensive repair. Victor Petulko assures that there are applicants for apartments with elaborate design in the city center area 250 and 300 square meters. m of the for $ 1.1 million and $ 1.3 million, respectively. Interest in them experts explain the fact that the region's residents prefer to ostentation.
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