Ошукані дачники: почім комунікації для народу?

29.06.2011 00:15
Articles about real estate | Ошукані дачники: почім комунікації для народу? In the wake of the popularity of the product as sites without a contract, many citizens have become owners of real estate, and many developers - do not go broke in a crisis. But now the second has a sober assessment of their capabilities, and it is possible to abandon past commitments to closing the communication. And the first - to think twice about what to do with his acquisition of further, independently engaged in communication or even contact with the matter as unsolvable.

Among all the organized townships suburban property offering plots without a contract at the initial stage of sales not more than 5% of the total sold to has let down communication, the remaining 95% of their promise to summing in the future. Most towns are planning summarizing water, gas and electricity in a short time, have the endorsement of the TU (technical specifications) in their summing up. Part of the developers, about 30%, still do not have the specifications and only suggest the possibility of communication on this site *.
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If you have not purchased the land, but only thinking about it, think about the benefits of prevention. You will make sense to pay attention to the following basic points before the transaction:

First, the category of land. This should be a category of land settlement with the permitted type of use (altimetry) for individual housing construction (individual housing), or agricultural land with a country house altimetry or garden building. Secondly, it is important to receive from the developer documentation of the fact that he is the owner sold the land and completely settled for it with the previous owner (not uncommon for non-payment of the land withdraws from the court).

"Another rule - carefully read the contract. If you do not like something or worrying, do not hesitate to ask questions. The contract must be items that reinforce a list of proposed communication and their characteristics - says Yulia Severinenko, CEO "ZemAktiv." - In addition, the buyer can check the documentation: technical conditions for electricity, which stipulates how power should be allocated a given territory, the documents on water and gas. "

On what points should be necessarily reflected in the contract, we have already written.

poles and provodaEdinstvenny truly effective way to protect yourself from fraud, certain development director of investment and construction company, "Good Wood" Alexander Dubovenko - is to buy plots, where in fact connected to communications. "In fact, 95% of clients are not able to determine whether there is communication or not in fact, - the expert continues. - Even the presence of EMG (timing points) at the site said that there were no gas. Wires do not indicate the presence of electricity and so on. "

You may also want to find out is whether the developer talks about connecting to the communications (request technical specifications or contact the Power Grid Company, which serves your area). "And do not forget that very important real estate developer's credit history. That is a reputable company will do anything to tarnish it does not, and therefore, every effort will try to make it so that each of its customer's satisfaction "- says commercial director Uniparx Service Alexander Kovalenko. "If there is a problem to save money and to join the project at a low price, then trust your money only to companies that are known in the market and have a few projects" - adds Alexander Dubovenko.

... And what if you already have "cheated" with communications?

In this case, happy, certainly, nothing. The theoretical possibility to connect "self" - a country house or a commercial partnership for-profit company yard - there are, but:

1) it is very, very expensive;

2) you depend on the availability of power grid company serving the area of ​​spare capacity and the distance to the attachment points.

Ultimately, it is possible that eyeliner communications cost more money than buying the plot. "Self summarizing communications will eventually greatly increase the value of your land, and can even exceed the price of land. In addition, this process requires the owner a significant amount of free time, as the process of obtaining the necessary documentation and organization of construction work extremely difficult. It is best to try to find a company that had previously engaged in summing up the communication, but in this case, be prepared to give "round" the amount for their services "- warns Julia Severinenko.

In most cases the choice of solution nepodvedennyh communication is reduced to the fork "fork in the communication" - "to sell the site and forget about it." The first decision of costly, second - a very questionable from the standpoint of conscience.

Housekeeping tip: What is the set of necessary communication?

The higher the level of a country house, so, consequently, more difficult to utilities. Increases in proportion to electricity consumption at home, you want to create a more complex system of heating (to heat the house 250 and 1,000 square feet - two fundamentally different things), it is necessary to create a special sewage system. "In a brand new building engineering services may include not only the above-mentioned standard set, but the internet, alarm system, which ensures the safety of a country house. In addition, the home of different classes provided with different types of equipment: domestic or imported - develops the idea of ​​head of sales department Villagio Estate Alex Short. - Depending on class size and building set different intake system, drain the water. In the house of an economy class, it can represent one input and one issue of water in the elite - 2 inputs and 1 output. Creating a home in the pool requires the organization of a special system of water drainage, because it implies large amounts of drainage. Indoor swimming pool must be updated once a day to maintain water purity. This requires special conditions. "

The same logic - the calculation of power consumption and choosing the type of boiler plant. In order to heat a cottage to 400 square meters, enough boiler 60 kW. To heat the house about 1000 meters must be set boiler capacity of 120 KW.

"The most complex engineering systems for homeowners who are holders of" smart home ". Smart House - an intelligent control system that provides a consistent and automatic operation of all utilities at home. This system intelligently allocates resources in lower operating costs and has a friendly interface for the owner control and management "- says Alex Short. In principle, the system allows you to manage utility networks even from other geographic points - through mobile phones. However, the situation where the customer of such a system "cheated" when you connect - if not purely speculative, it is certainly not typical. Let us return to the standard set of communications and the cost of their connection. So ...

... What and how much will it cost?

Julia Severinenko leads his calculations the approximate cost of the connection. First of all, electricity. "The average cost of connecting 1kW in the Moscow region of 40-60 thousand rubles. It may be true, that on a site that you purchased, it is impossible to draw electricity from the fact that he sold the second or third time, and the previous owners refused to take stock of communications. "In this case, the allocated power is divided, and find more for your site at least 8.5 kW is problematic, because the need to pursue a new transmission line, to build an additional substation, - experts warn. - Besides, the question arises, how far will have to pull the wire. The fact that the power poles are separated by a distance of 30 m. The column installation costs about 20 thousand rubles. or more, depending on where it is installed. " In the event that no communications were not only you but also your neighbors, the cost of installing poles can be divided, because the individual columns are not needed. If the neighbors had already taken care of the communication, you have to pay for the installation of each column independently.

The most common solution to the problem of water - well drilling. "The depth depends on where your house is located (upland, lowland), as well as the characteristics of the soil. As a result, one-meter hole will cost you about 4-5 thousand rubles. You can drill a hole common with your neighbors. In this case, the depth should be more, but the cost of each house will get less, "- said Julia Severinenko.

When closing the gas is very important presence near the central gas pipeline. "In addition, it is necessary to take into account that the pipe pressure is high, and when entering the house should be low, - the expert continues. - This requires the construction of gas distribution stations, the lack of which will not allow you to bring gas into the house. Summing up the average cost of gas is 180-200 rubles.. "

In the suburban cottage settlements central trunk sewer is quite rare. However, this issue is solved by the construction of individual treatment plant, which cost approximately 120 thousand rubles.

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