Online auctions to sell real estate - not far off

10.12.2010 10:39
Articles about real estate | Online auctions to sell real estate - not far off Russian "Alltek Development bought a license to use the American BidOnTheCity platform to conduct online auctions for the sale of real estate. He hoped that the new mechanism will revive sales stagnating market

Resource was created in early 2009 in New York managers of the two brokerage firms in New York - Albert Finsteynom and Vlad Sapozhnikov. It allows the entire transaction - from the receipt of applications before the auction and the winner - online. Other resources effectively advertise via the Internet the offline auction or to conduct transactions, applications that were received via the Internet, offline. According to the owners of the resource, the cost of the project amounted to $ 5 million for 2009 through BidOnTheCity, according to the company, sold 150 objects, mostly apartments cost from $ 650 000. In late 2009, the auction was recorded for 20-30 people per month and in October 2010 - more than 300 people. BidOnTheCity the representative said that the sells licenses to use the platform in Russia, negotiations are on sale in England and South Africa.

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"Alltek Development" (included in the group "Alltek", co-owner of the Criminal Code CH-Oil ") this week launches Russian version of BidOnTheCity and December 12 will hold its first auction, which will be put up 11 sites in the village ponds Earl" and "Count for the forest "- sites with contract and homes ranging in price from 25 million to 77 million rubles. for the lot, said company CEO Igor Goncharov. The company became interested in the Internet platform as well as the stagnant suburban real estate market stopped functioning traditional mechanisms to stimulate sales: advertising media, outdoor advertising, etc., he laments. In his opinion, keeps many from buying what they can not determine whether a fair price for the object. The auction is just to determine the market price, says Goncharov. Bidding will take place on the Dutch system, the minimum reduction for each facility will exceed 20%, he promises. In general, the draft online auction "Alltek Development to invest $ 800,000 and hopes to recoup the costs by selling for a commission through the resource property of others.

Project "Allteka" mainly designed for the PR effect, converge consultants and competitors. Using the internet during the auction of real estate in Russia is not new, adds CEO of Penny Lane Realty George Dzagurov: applications in the network take state agencies, and this year's Penny Lane Realty in conjunction with the auction house Lecort sell online real estate, though he held an auction online. Online auctions will be an effective tool - it's only a matter of time and skill, says Dzagurov. But while the number of Russians willing to buy because real estate is minimal and necessary to the success of a discount of 20-40%.

Before buying real estate you should carefully examine and online auctions such opportunities do not give, "says managing director of Manor Natalia Vetlugina. Online auction often serves as a platform not to deal, and to determine the price: lots of BidOnTheCity sold after the auction, recognizes Goncharov.
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