One billionaire in ten lives in Switzerland

27.10.2010 16:39
Every tenth of a billionaire in the world lives in Switzerland, and the state 3% of the population is equal to the accumulation of all the remaining 97% of the inhabitants of the Confederacy. A study prepared by staff of the University of Basel.

Authors 440-page work carried out under the supervision of Professor Ueli Madera, ITAR-TASS news agency, cites the following statistics: in Switzerland, where 0.001 Earth's population, concentrated 1.1% of global private capital. Of the thousands of billionaires, about a hundred registered in the territory of the Confederacy.

Mader otechaet that in this case refers to the "monopolisation of wealth, had never seen before in history." At the same time, he sees a threat to the growing pressure on the middle class. The biggest concentration of rich people in Switzerland is marked by the cantons in the west and north.

We add that in the study were considered and studied people's habits on account of which lies at least 100 million francs (about the same in dollars) held more than a hundred interviews.
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