On which floor is better to live?

08.01.2011 18:25
On which floor is better to live? Found that living high is bad for health. The whole point is that for the normal functioning of the body needs a certain level of Earth's magnetic field. If it weakens, then the person has serious health problems.

Specialists thoroughly studied this issue and found that above the 7 th floor of the weakening of the magnetic field is such that it adversely affects health. Attenuation is not a health standard, but the decrease of the field twice already bad.

In addition, doctors considered the impact on the field of material from which the building is constructed. Thus, the concrete reduces the field by about 10%, brick - by 7%, and the tree just 1%. But you will not find any of the many-storey building which was built of wood.

So if you will need to estimate the proportion of the apartment and to determine its financial equivalent, then these factors should pay attention to experts, in fact weakened geomagnetic field harms the cardiovascular, nervous and immune systems, creating an additional body load.
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