On the U.S. real estate market have exhibited «mushroom house»

17.03.2014 00:15
Articles about real estate | On the U.S. real estate market have exhibited «mushroom house» On the U.S. housing market exhibited an unusual object resembling a family of fungi enormous size, according to the portal Maindoor.ru. The structure proposed for 900 thousand dollars. Initially, the authors of the project planned to build a house of concrete and polyurethane, which was shaped like a carrot to the wild , but after construction , it became apparent that the building looks like a little family of mushrooms with thick legs - and the resulting structure was called " Mushroom House » (Mushroom House) .

Facility was built 43 years ago in the town of Pittsford , in upstate New York. Mushroom house is built on an area of ​​0.5 hectares , the building is surrounded by trees, flowers and small waterfalls in the style of American architect FL Wright .

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The structure of " mushroom family " consists of five hats, each of which represents a certain living space - three bedrooms , kitchen and living room . In total, the area of ​​the house fungus is about 400 square meters .
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