On the «star» of the house can not find buyers

01.12.2012 09:00
Articles about real estate | On the «star» of the house can not find buyers As practice shows, to sell properties whose owners were famous actors, singers and musicians, is not easy.

Two years ago in Los Angeles, was offered for sale villa once owned by Frank Sinatra. For a house with an area of ​​108 square meters with seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms buyers it was not found.

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Cottage, which at one time visited Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy sold for $ 12 million, but the buyers are not. Mansion singer Amy Winehouse has been empty for a year and because of this, her parents decided to make a discount of $ 1 million. The house is put up for sale at a price of 2.9 million dollars.

French actress Catherine Deneuve wants to help out with the sale of his mansion 4.5 million euro. However, in spite of the floor area (1.2 thousand square meters), its location (near Paris), and a plot of land (18 hectares), its real cost about a third, so the buyer is still not found.

Similar examples exist in the Russian real estate market. So, singer Philip Kirkorov two years ago tried to sell an apartment on the earthen shaft for $ 10 million, while its market price was less than $ 1.5 million. A former wife of Roman Abramovich, Olga, was overpriced for their "odnushku" on the colored Boulevard three times, says "AIF".

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