On the ruble serves elk from Mikhalkov and weaving land worth $ 350,000

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Where and how to live well-known politicians, businessmen and artists

На Рублевке подают лосятину от Михалкова, а сотка земли стоит $350 тысяч ФОТО, ВИДЕО | Мир | СЕГОДНЯ
On the ruble serves elk from Mikhalkov and weaving land worth $ 350,000 Photo, Video | World | TODAY
Mansions on the ruble - from $ 1 million and above

The road is now called Rublevo Assumption highway was "a prestigious area of" time immemorial. Once upon a time on it went, and walked kings Ivan the Terrible, Mikhail and Alexey Romanov, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great ... And the red chiefs did not change the direction of the powerful and the first, in 1918, near the village of Usovo appeared cottage of Joseph Stalin, followed by - and his associates.

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Territorial unit Ruble does not officially exist, but she has long lived by its own orders, and gained the tacit boundaries: from the 7-th km west from Moscow and beyond, deep into Rublevo Uspenskomu, and given the adjacent highway - Podushkinskoe, 1-e and 2 nd Assumption. New development is a "state within a state has acquired approximately 1997-the year when it is already rich contemporaries began to settle closer to the country's leadership - by gosdache Barvikha-4 was then living, Russian President Boris Yeltsin.
"Today" drive from the Moscow Ring Road Rublevki deeper to find out where and how to live VIPy. In Barvikha have houses singer Boris Moiseev, Dmitry Malikov, actor Eugene Steblov, Yeltsin's widow Naina Joseph, advisor to President Vladimir Shevchenko, the president of Lukoil Alekperov. To the left of Barvikha in Podushkino - House actor Leonid Yarmolnik singer Lada Dance.


Карта коттеджных поселков Подмосковья 


In Zhukovka as prompted by the locals, just the second house from the beginning of the elite settlement took Yeltsin's daughter Tatyana and her husband Valentin Yumashev. Still live there, actress Tatyana Drubich, the painter Ilya Glazunov, the singer Jasmine, a number of senior politicians: Pavel Borodin, Sergei Stepashin, Vladislav Surkov, Sergei Shoigu. Liking Zhukovka and billionaire businessmen, such as ex-husband of Christina Orbakajte Ruslan Baisarov, co-owner finkorporatsii Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenko, founder of investment fund ONEXIM Group Mikhail Prokhorov (though they say, that last year he was succeeded by Moscow residence permit in Krasnoyarsk Territory ).

In the area of the village Usovo - turn on the estate of Novo-Ogaryovo, where he lives, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. In Gorki-2 - a mansion "aluminum king Oleg Deripaska, while teledivy Ksenia Sobchak - the house in Gorki-8. In the Gorki-9 - the residence of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. But before the Gorki-10 - turn at Nikolina hill where the house musician Alexander Malinin, brothers-director Nikita Mikhalkov and Andron Konchalovsky, pianist Nikolai Petrov, conductor Gennadi Rozhdestvensky, Yuri Bashmet and many others. "Close" Our trip is probably the village of mud where a house is located Masha Rasputina and the Maxim Galkin, where he built a theater for Alla.


RESIDENCE Medvedev and Putin

Медведев и Путин возле своего дома
Gorki-9. There is where the first persons to walk


At the village or residence, where they live the first leaders of the neighboring state - in Gorki-9, President Dmitry Medvedev and the Novo-Ogaryovo Prime Minister Vladimir Putin - no signs along the route, as, indeed, there is no such notation on the map of Moscow region.

Meanwhile, Novo-Ogaryovo, built in the early 1950's, is located near the village of his mustache and one of the boundaries out to the Moscow River. Main House - storey mansion with columns. Upon leaving the presidency, Vladimir Putin, gave preference to that name, because he lived there with his family since the presidency and is still actively using it for business meetings and receiving official guests (such as Barack Obama). They say that Putin travels to the residence in a jeep. On the territory of a greenhouse, aviary, swimming pool, church, and the large stables of thoroughbred horses.

In Novo-Ogaryovo. Prime Minister takes the honored guests
But Medvedev, as president, the Gorki-9 moved with his problem "Kalchuga, where he lived from the time he became head of the Presidential Administration. Before you Mr President and his family moved to Gorki, except special connection there has appeared and a helipad.

That is the tuples of the first persons of the State in which walk 7.8 machines, not counting the police escorts, and are responsible for the ill-fated talk of the town - Rublev tubes. How to tell us rublevtsy, while Putin and Medvedev go out of their homes in armored Mercedes in Moscow, the highway traffic cops cover (worth every half-kilometer). Moreover, if the traffic on the highway is limited to 60 kilometers per hour, the tuples are carried at a rate two times greater. By the way, "Today" also hit the cap, moving from Gorki-2 in the direction of Moscow - stood a good two hours. As was later confirmed to us guards, riding premiership motorcade. "If Putin leaves, it has to be longer than if Medvedev - to share with our observations of drivers. - And more often than the top tube pripadaet on time from 11.30 to 12.30, during this period, traffic cops often overlap the track. "



Фото: А. Медведева
"Royal Hunt". Wooden figurines and Christmas tree in the main hall


Drinking establishments are located on the ruble and along highways and in closed areas. Popular are the "Nest" in Gorki-2, "Breeze" - ibid. The latter belongs to the son of Nikita Mikhalkov Artem, which he opened together with the already "hardened" restaurateur Arkady Novikov. The "Airs" often hold high-profile shows of the world movies.

A very popular restaurant - Restaurant Imperial hunting "in Zhukovka (possession of the same Novikova). We go inside, at the entrance - a doorman in a fur hat selected "ears, coat, out of which - the red trousers. The costumes with elements of Russian national (embroidered shirts, the girls - in sarafans guys - in trousers with a belt and red boots), greeted guests by waiters. At the entrance - a tile stove, and before dressing in the changing room - three large pictures, which were sealed, as it took Yeltsin with his wife and other guests. On the walls hung with stuffed wild animals, tables, pillars, carvings - all wood, and utensils - made of clay. And at the entrance to the main hall (came in early November) flaunts dressed Christmas tree.

Menu - to match the offer, such as hare's liver, fried in a hot skillet with pomegranate sauce (the price we converted to rubles at the hryvnia) - 190 UAH., FINE shurpa Venison - 200 UAH., Fried back of sika deer by stewed fruit with cranberries - 425 UAH., a pair of rosy grouse with white mushroom sauce - 363 UAH., venison dumplings - 190 UAH., chops elk farm Nikita Mikhalkov with mashed potatoes and spinach - 270 UAH., hunting venison chops (venison, wild wild boar) - 240 UAH. Commissioned by customers can roast on a spit and pig, and lamb (960 UAH)..

According to the waiters, most love to visit there Mikhalkov, who regularly calls in Fyodor Bondarchuk, Aleksei Panin, actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya. Medvedev will not remember it, but Putin "seems to have been."



Luxury estates (Class "de luxe" - where the houses range from $ 1 million and above, and here is the most expensive mansion Eurasia, a $ 100 million) on the ruble surrounded by a fence up to 6 meters. What is included in the price of a home for such a fence?

"The most expensive component on the ruble - the land. Back in 1997, "weaving" cost about $ 25-50 thousand - Yevgeny Lukin told us of a real estate agency, which for 15 years selling houses and land, including and on the ruble. - A 2000 and the crisis was over and the price began to rise in 2002, "weaving" cost there is $ 200 thousand. Now demand sites cost from $ 1.5 million. Today the "weaving" in Barvikha (7 km from Moscow) is $ 350 thousand, in Nikolina Gora (22 km from Moscow) - $ 120 thousand, and in Chigasovo (27 km) - up to $ 60 thousand Plot Rublev's home can be and hectare, but will be not less than 25 "hectare of land. Because of fire safety measures to the fence to keep not less than three meters from one side of the house, and 5-6 meters - up the road. On the remaining "spots" are building the house itself. For the name of the architect who built the housing estate or a mansion, will have to pay 10-15% of the total cost of construction works. Many homes there are built very fashionable Alexey Ivanov, or about Helen Baren built housing estate style "chalets". There are villages in the power of neoclassicism is - Gothic ... But with all the diversity of buyers and then rebuild the house "for themselves." For example, I know of one major banker, who built a completely round house: he believes that the angles - the Hub of bad energy. They are all in Feng Shui. If the site is located among the pine trees, it can cost up to 30% higher than that in the field, but for the mixed zone margin - 10-15% of the cost. "

The average area of buildings - 1000 sq. m. "Also, on the estate, as a rule - a garage for several cars - continues Lukinov - house for servants, a sauna or bath, often - the pool. A plan is included in the study, master bedroom with private bath, 5-10 bedrooms for other household members and guests, lounge, fitness room, billiard room and wine cellar, many of them have rooms for art galleries. Of the interior is popular stucco on the ceilings, embossed with gold, silk wallpaper and decoration of the rooms in different styles - Oriental, Chinese ...». Particular attention is paid rublevtsy protection. For the village "de luxe" - video surveillance on the perimeter, guarding the entrance to the village and land in particular, wire-system along the contours of a settlement, and their own sites, and have double fences, between which run the dog.

LOCAL trades and SERVE
Locals Rublevki live in private houses (who has miraculously did not buy land), and high-rise buildings - in short, everywhere except in private settlements. Quite a large estate - Gorki-10. There and at home to apartments, "Gostinka, and more modern apartment complexes and private houses. There are already food prices are similar to those in the center of Moscow (in all material converted to hryvnia exchange rate of NBU). Fruits in the local market are only about 3-5 USD / kg higher than our keyboards in the metro, and fresh pork (ribs) - and did from 37-38 hryvnia. Here rynochek where grandmothers selling home-made - jams, pickles and other victuals. Wind the rigidly: a plate of sauerkraut, 450-gram jar of sorrel or a dozen eggs - all at 25.5 hryvnia. A 330-gram jar of raspberries - about 40 hryvnia!

"All of their gardens, which we take these rich damned!" - Not determined immediately, or complain, or show off a woman Anya. It is true that the curse against the rich here are not clear: all these grandmothers, by their own confessions, a lifetime spent in the first ministers of the Union - to their summer cottages and homes, having compared with many other residents of the country and a good acquaintance and a good salary. Now, serving the rich at home, feed their children and themselves have grandmothers buy food, "all well-known that live here." And selling their land, these grandmothers are almost millionaires. According to them, today the rich pay attendants "differently:" I have a friend working as a cleaner at home - says a woman Asya - so she one day pay 2-3 thousand (up to 750 hryvnia. - Auth.) "; "A friend of mine - said it tovarka - total 1200 (300 hryvnia. - Auth.)."

"There were about 150 cottages ministers in 50 years - says a woman Anya. - I remember as a 47-m water, we dug them. My son is now working in "the Pines" (pansionat. - Auth.) - Furniture making. A daughter of the house clean. To pay the debts of 1500 to the day (400 UAH.) But now moved to where the 4000 (1000 UAH.) Pay. "

For the recognition of grandparents, their friends cloakroom in terms of the hryvnia now gets 10,000 a month, and here's another - two thousand euros (more than 21 thousand hryvnia), and "any foreign nanny for five tysch Euros pay." In a good house can be a cook, waiter, porter, drivers, gardener, nanny or governess, a cloakroom, cleaners and, of course, security - 10-12 people is considered normal staff of assistants in the home. By their own admissions, are now increasingly in favor blacks governess: "Ponavypisyvayut itself, where much of our somehow getting on?". At the billboard on the highway, we really have seen not one ad with proposals to hire their children Filipino. "Why them?" - Inquired about the "Today" by calling one of the rooms. "Because they are - good English speakers - we were told at the other end. - Also very polite. And much cheaper than appreciate his work than an American or English woman. "
Rublyovo-Uspensky highway you can buy everything you need without having to travel to Moscow, including services. Is there shopping centers, pharmacies, banks, dental, medical centers, grocery stores. At the entrance to Barvikha on the right hand - Barvikha Luxury Village »(« village luxury "). This is a concert venue, where tickets can cost, and 25 thousand hryvnia (per table), and more, with an auditorium with 750 seats, where Elton John sang live, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras ... And then, on the same side of the road, followed by shops - Gucci, Prada, Chopard, salons Frette, Bvlgari, Ferrari, Maserati ... All 37 stores represent a band of log buildings in the form of squares and is made of Canadian cedar.
The most famous deli - Zhukovka Gourmet. We immediately headed for the stacks with cheese. French - in a large assortment! Attempted to convert the prices in the hryvnia, and at first surprised - once on the average by 20-30 per cent cheaper than it appeared in Kiev than a supermarket. Eye on: Yes it is there for 100 grams (about 100-120 USD). " Sausages sold from 63 grn/100 r, chocolate in the middle - 75 UAH. There are tiles and to 125 UAH., Or about packing "Rafaello" that we have is the hryvnia 26 per box, it costs 400 rubles, that is, our - all one hundred.
Along the highway are the tents where they sell mostly Azeris fruit, flowers and conservation. Flowers there are approximately as in the center of Moscow. Whether business in the "Gourmet", where the branch orchids - 400 UAH., A small basket of roses and other flowers - 2275 UAH. And inside the "Fancy bouquets can be ordered compositions of flowers and bouquets for every occasion - given gender, age, occupation of the recipient and occasion ... And put on a couple of hundred to tens of thousands of hryvnia.
From conservation - a "garden" in the banks of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, zucchini and any cuts. A small jar of vegetables worth of 25 hryvnia, three-liter jar with tomatoes, for example - 125 UAH.
BEAUTY. Mindful that a mandatory item in the daily routine Rublev's wife - visiting a beauty salon, we went to one of them - the network Aldo Coppola. "I guess you have here a lot of celebrities served?" - Ask at the entrance to the complex. "Yes, everyone who lives here, everything is, - said the guard. - Our salon because she Putin to open! Because they all come and go. " Of the famous salon clients - Natalie Queen Christina Orbakajte, Lolita, Anastasia.


Стоимость услуг красоты в коттеджных поселках Подмосковья


Tidy himself up in one sitting would cost more than the annual salary of the average Ukrainian. For example, a haircut will cost a woman up to 2300 UAH. (All prices converted to hryvnia exchange rate of NBU. - Auth.) Dye my hair with henna - to 3660 grn., Rejuvenate laser - 5985 UAH. A manicure is 1100 UAH. But cover your nails, for example, a French manicure - still 335 USD., But one nail art painting - 200 hryvnia! Thus, a manicure with a painting will cost 3,100 USD. Pedicure uncoated - 1700 UAH., And "in full" - 3700 UAH. An interesting point to hair removal bikini or under his arm, "where one centimeter is 162 UAH. "Round" offhand zone up to 20 cm, we get 3,240 hryvnia. We have tried to estimate how much it costs to bring the beauty of the lady at social events, including back haircut, evening hairstyle, makeup, dressing chest, manicures and pedicures with painted fingernails and waxed legs, and intimate zones (see infographics). Timeout 22 169 UAH. However!

DANCE FOR GOATS - 6250 UAH. Many of the townsfolk, after watching sketchkoma "Our Russia", believe and dump on the ruble - the elite. But they are not there at all. Rubbish bins of transportation to the site under the settlement Chastsy.
Along the way, of course, the mass of billboards, which are advertised boutiques of clothing and footwear, watches most expensive brands, travel agencies, but the most frequent panels - with advertising cottage townships. And yet - boards newfangled service animal psychology. We called the number indicated, and the woman, who presented Anna explained to us what to say here comes mostly about dogs and cats. Write, barking, frightened, there are some problems in behavior - is to animal psychology. If the animal is needed to house trained, then - to the coach. Anna did not embarrass our order when we were told that the bear needed to "explain" who his boss, a goat would love to see the dancing for the guests. Specifying the age of the goat, she answered: "An unusual, of course, order. I had no experience with such animals as bear. But there is a contact person who has worked in the circus, he has extensive experience dealing with wild animals. But as goat, then everything is easier, I would take to teach her to dance, we could organize everything literally next week. I think, has invested in 10 sessions (plus or minus a couple, depends on the nature of the animal), the cost of one - 2500 rubles (625 hryvnia. - Auth.). "

After talking with the buyers fashionable shopping malls, we found that today's fashionable Rublyovka animals - is a mini-horse. For example, rock falabella (withers height - 50-75 cm, weight 50-60 kg). Popular and the largest cats maine coon (up to 15 kilograms), abessinskie cats, lizards agama, as well as increasingly wealthy people buy goats - fashionable rustic life, such a "graceful simplicity." 


In every village on the ruble - church or chapel. But in Usov towering cathedral more. In his backyard - pretty playground for kids, in the territory - a few security guards. Wax candles there - from 7,5 up to 100 UAH. ordinary, and to 175 UAH. - Large, with patterns. Natalia selling them told us that this temple was consecrated only 5 July this year. Baptize a child in it costs 700 USD. And get married - about 890 USD.
Whose placement - said
But as soon as the conversation turned to how, on whose money built the church, Natalya frowned: "Please to the abbot with the matter. Contributor was one more will not say anything! ". Tensions in the behavior of Natalia revealed by reading the signs at the entrance, which says that the temple complex was built by the care of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. "




Офисы в коттеджных поселках Подмосковья

"Residence on the ruble." Office costs $ 13,000 per month
Office campuses on the ruble is not enough. For example, these include the "Residence on the ruble in the village Usovo, where the main offices of large investment funds« Icon private equity »,« Marshall Capital Partners », and others rent offices there cheaper than in the center. "Our office is about 200" squares "- told us spokeswoman« Icon private equity »Ekaterina Romanov. - And the cost per month of about $ 13,000.

We should also talk about the village administration. "Buying a house, you become a member of a cooperative that is, whether non-profit partnership that serves the village, - Consult the" Today "realtor Yevgeny Lukin. - In houses it and the social infrastructure in the settlements - shops, massage rooms, swimming pools, spas and salons and so on, and, of course, utilities. Whether in the village of 10 houses or 100 (maximum amount), fees for service can be expanded at all. " The monthly fee for business settlements - 6300-7500 UAH. And for the elite - up to $ 5000. Prices dictate the control villages.

To date, very densely populated Ruble, there is little spare capacity on communications, people take out tube. And VIP'y gradually learn other highway - Kaluga, Novorizhskoe (live there Andrei Makarevich, actors Sergei Svetlakov Alexander Baluev bought mansions Dima Bilan and Valeriy Meladze). But the bulk of rublevtsev OSS is not going to move.
Alain Medvedev

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