On the market have developed the optimal conditions for the purchase of real estate loans

17.11.2010 10:25
Articles about real estate | On the market have developed the optimal conditions for the purchase of real estate loans In recent years, banks have stepped up work in the mortgage market. Proposals for reducing rates and improving credit conditions appear more often.

Experts attribute the interest to the mortgage excess liquidity: banks need to place free funds, and housing loans - a convenient and less risky tool. To buy a home now, the best time: the prices on the real estate market hit bottom and will continue to rise.

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Over the past month, several banks have announced special offers on mortgages. Savings to the end of the year extended the program "The ten", in which the credit is granted for ten years with an initial payment of 10% at 10% per annum in rubles.

DeltaCredit from November until the end of December 2010 has lowered rates by major ruble mortgage products on 0,75% to 10% per annum in rubles and 8% in dollars. Also at 0.75% until the end of the year lowered rates AMT Bank (formerly BTA-Bank), and now a bank loan can take 11-16% per annum.

Bank "Open" before the end of February 2011 abolished the Commission for support of mortgage loans. And Absolut Bank by November 30, offers to issue mortgages in the secondary market at a flat rate of 12,5% per annum regardless of the size of down payment, term and loan amount.

Demand for mortgages in recent years is increasing due to increased financial stability of the citizens and, consequently, increasing competition between banks, they tend to offer the most interesting programs, says the manager of St. Petersburg branch of the bank Uralsib Nicholas Sidoruk.

Sam Uralsib offers special conditions to their regular customers at the rate of "Confidence", and now in the framework of the campaign to use it upon the submission of loan application can be anyone.

"As a credit, providing for compulsory registration of mortgage, the mortgage is less risky product, rather than an unsecured cash loans that, in fact, show the level of rates" - explains the interest in the mortgage from the bank deputy governor VTB24 branch in St. Petersburg, Maxim Nikulin.

At a time when banks have formed the excess liquidity and housing loans - this is the best tool for investment, are recognized bankers. Until the end of the year they expect the flow of applications for mortgage loans and are going to substantially increase portfolios.

Thus, North-Western Bank of Sberbank of Russia in January-October, has granted loans to 8.5 billion rubles. (7,5 billion rubles. For all of 2009) and the end of 2010 is going to increase that amount to more than 10 billion rubles.

Last week the bank opened a third mortgage center in the building of a single center documents (ETSD), which is daily visited by 10 thousand people. The following year, the number of transactions at the center will reach 1 billion rubles. However, as the bank predpravleniya Alexander talkers, the main goal - not to increase volumes and improve service.

VTB 24 in the first nine months issued in St. Petersburg, 480 mortgage loans totaling more than 1 billion rubles. And for the year expects to increase this amount by at least 50%. Loan portfolio DeltaCredit in the first half was, according to IFRS, 49.48 billion rubles. and at the end of the year should exceed 50 billion rubles., notes vice president of business development DeltaCredit Dinara Yunusov.

This is the best time to buy a home, especially when it comes to the primary market, "says Maxim Nikulin. The following year, handed over a number of houses will begin to decrease, since the end of 2008 the builders were not accepted for new housing projects. So, the price per square meter in St. Petersburg could again begin to rise, he said.

"Current conditions are optimal for the purchase of real estate: the prices are at a minimal level, and offers a lot. But next year, developers will start to raise prices "- agrees the director of marketing and sales Glavstroy SPB" Michael Buzulutskov.

Construction Corporation Renaissance of autumn has already been partially raised prices for some apartments. According to the commercial director of the corporation Larissa Inchenkovoy, during 2010 the average price of luxury properties showed stability, but in recent years a trend significant growth in demand. Over the past three months, the corporation had been concluded a large number of transactions, and there were preconditions for the rise in prices.

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