On the market - a lull, prices - stable

28.09.2010 00:03
Articles about real estate | On the market - a lull, prices - stable Building on the question of forecasting the housing market and the land meets the president "Power Panel" Viktor Vlasov:

1. This year, the cost of housing in Kyiv in principle will not change. The market is quiet: both buyers and sellers have adopted a waiting attitude. In such circumstances, price changes are possible only in a minimal per cent range, regardless of class of property. Influence the situation may be power. If the government continues to provide loan funds to complete construction of houses and will buy housing from developers for their social programs, it will encourage developers to operate more actively interesting for the buyer bids. Thus, the value of residential property may begin to decline gradually.
Make predictions about the evolution of prices in the next year is quite difficult, because the change will directly affect the value of a number of important factors. Much will depend on how the elections will be held for local councils, how to allocate budgets, as well as the economic situation in the country, the situation with a mortgage or other circumstances.

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2. The land market is currently in a state of stagnation, and by the end of the year the situation is unlikely to change. It used to be we could observe the transaction, at which price the site evolved with respect to future profits from building sites on it. Now the situation is quite another: the number of plots of land in private hands today is large enough, but the new projects for obvious reasons developed very, very small. Having said that, we can conclude that if the price of land this year and will be changed, it is likely downward. Influence the situation may improve the financial climate in the state. This involves facilitating the access of borrowers to credit (particularly for mortgage loans), the yield on the Ukrainian market for foreign investors and a number of other factors.
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