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29.08.2010 15:28
Articles about real estate | On the buyer It is no secret that since the fall of 2008, in Ukraine, especially in Kiev, the real estate market has changed dramatically. These changes have certainly touched and suburban real estate, primarily, is strong enough it touched zagorodskoy property premium. Difficulties felt all market participants at once: developers, sellers and buyers. Land, land, country houses all fallen in price more than 2 raza.Na this topic, we interacted with developers and suburban real estate of Kiev.

Do you think anyone will feel great difficulties on a suburban real estate market - small or big developers?
I think the hardest will be medium and large companies. First of all, because they are more dependent on financing by banks. Often this funding is the foundation of their business. The small development companies usually rely on their own resources, so today in a rather difficult situation to survive it is much easier. The fundamental question - or realize they are projects that are relevant today.

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And on the segments of the market? What will happen to companies that specialize in real estate market?
Property premium will gradually withdraw from the market, most likely it will turn and out of fashion, too. What will happen to the developers? Of course, it is difficult to say. First of all, will market correction. Many luxury real estate developers will be forced to lower prices, many will be forced to realize that the period sverhpribylnosti expired. I think that the people realize that now, in order to sell, just to have a project and build a house - is no longer enough. We need to build quality than its competitors, faster and more detailed study demand, and then adjust your project during construction, taking into account the new needs of the buyer. Of course, many of the "elite" developers just freeze, not wanting to change prices and will wait for "better times".

You want to say that the crisis has seriously changed the buyer's needs suburban real estate?
I think that it will be so. We have in recent years have never thought about that, but how many really need suburban housing of a particular class. We have a so-called pereotsenennnoe consumption: the upper strata of society which is rapidly buying all the most expensive, pulled a middle class and all the rest.

I believe that the crisis must be sober society, people will start to use it as much as they really need. The demand for suburban property will be adjusted, and quite significantly. The man starts to seriously ponder over the fact that when buying a country house in it would appear the cost of maintaining their new economy. For example, the operating costs of a cottage in the elite campuses can reach 2-5 thousand dollars a month. Not all are ready for this, because often the big houses are bought on credit, and therefore the overall cost of a house in a month may be too large. Many did not think about it when they begin to choose among the options cottage villages near Kiev.

In your opinion, should be expected in the near future mass "freezing" of projects under Kiev?
I think it more appropriate to put such a question - whether to finish building it, what will be in demand? It should finish building the town, where houses will be sold at $ 1 million or more? Personally, I think it is not. Sell this project will be quite difficult, therefore more appropriate to defer this project.

And about the housing economy and business class?
We are now witnessing that the property market "sank" somewhere in the 25-30%. For the suburban real estate - a lot. Especially for the housing economy class. The vast majority of projects in this segment was not designed to return 30%. This figure is usually 2-3 times lower. That is why the developers of this market sector will be forced to sell their houses almost at cost, to get let minimum, but still profit. It is expedient for them is to minimize the cost of advertising, office maintenance and administrative pressure. Economy class distinct from the elite segment is still not saturated.

If you take all the suburban real estate in general - do you think what will be the consequences of the crisis?
Country real estate market is experiencing difficult times. Developers need to seriously reconsider its approach to understanding this issue. I think that the demand for suburban property in today's environment is changing, and wins, who will quickly understand the needs of modern times. Now everything is more difficult to find a visionary, who can say with certainty where to move.

Introduce the format of country real estate, which will be in demand, hard. Perhaps it will be a country apartments. This property offers modern technologies, low cost service, the environment and with the modern living environment. In the townhouse people can get all the same as in the cottages.
Viktor Kovalenko
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