Olympic Park has resumed construction work in full

25.03.2011 17:23
Articles about real estate | Olympic Park has resumed construction work in full Starting in February with the completion of the first stage of the village "Olympic Park" (Kiev region, Makarov district,. Berezivka) are conducted in full accordance with the construction schedule. Told Building.ua CEO of the management company Vasily Rozzhivin. "There were signed contracts with new contractors who are engaged as completion of houses and infrastructure, first of all households customers who have paid. At the moment there are 15 houses in the active phase of construction. All of the cottages will be conducted strictly on the basis of design estimates, which agree with the owners cottages "- said V. Rozzhivin.

According to the company by the end of 2011 is planned to completely surrender the 1 st stage cottage. Particular attention is paid to communication. In particular, all the work for summing up the communication to the objects of the first phase of construction completed. "One of the problems is the summing up the pipeline to be completed in May, and putting the whole system of the town into operation at the end of July this year", - said V. Rozzhivin.

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"As far as connecting to power grids, all is almost ready for 95%, other 5% will be completed, again in May 2011

Moreover, starting from March 1, 2011, issued a new electricity tariff for the owners, according to an orderly settlement scheme with the regional electricity grid, which will be 31 kopecks. for 1 kW "- he said.

At the moment, have obtained all necessary permits for commissioning of the first artesian well depth of 100 m, and also signed a contract for the connection of residential houses "Olympic Park" to the water supply, commissioning scheduled for late July.

At a press conference, company representatives emphasized funding to carry out all necessary works to complete the construction of homes on previously signed agreements fully allocated. The total amount is over $ 2.5 million, with $ 1 million has already been used for the needs of the construction (the same water supply, sewerage, gas). Allocations will also help ensure the full construction of all free at the moment sites in the Olympic Park. "
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