Officials will not be responsible for the untimely issuance of documentation to developers

17.01.2011 16:50
Articles about real estate | Officials will not be responsible for the untimely issuance of documentation to developers The law "On regulation of urban development" does not provide for holding officials accountable for delayed delivery and coordination of construction documents to developers, said the head of the Ukrainian Construction Association Lion Partskhaladze.

"Indeed, we've eliminated all fines officials in this law. We decided to postpone it for consideration in the decision of (the Cabinet). We have tried to remove the law as the figures since they are depending on time are subject to change, "- told reporters L. Partskhaladze in Kiev on Monday, wrote Building.

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Earlier, deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee on construction, gradostroiteltva, housing and regional policies Igor Lysov reported that the law on the regulation of urban development need to prescribe who should be responsible, and what for the late issuance of documents to developers.

In addition, L. Partskhaladze reported that, of the law fell to the section on land allocation, and the document is not fully regulate the free transfer of multi-family homes for rent plots on which they are located.

"Fell a section on the issue of land: rescheduled for completion within three months. Not fully achieved the transfer of rent-free areas of apartment houses "- he said.

Recall parliament on Jan. 13 passed a law "On regulation of urban development activities, aimed at reducing the time required for permitting procedures in the construction of up to 60 days to 416 and reducing the number of steps an investor to obtain building permits to 23 from 93.

This bill also provides for introducing the concept of "one town-planning cadastre, zoning.

The bill also proposes the introduction of the declarative principle for carrying out the preparatory and construction work for sites in the first and third categories of low risk. In particular, it will not need to obtain expertise in these objects.

In addition, provides for the possibility of commissioning on the basis of a declaration filed with the inspection Gasca with obligatory notification of the local council.

The bill also amends Article 26 of the 104 laws. At his execution should be developed in 1926 the Cabinet of Ministers, 17 orders Minregionstroya and six state building codes.
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