Officials, the issuance of state certificates spanning land, will be fined

12.07.2011 13:56
Articles about real estate | Officials, the issuance of state certificates spanning land, will be fined Officials who delay the issuance of state certificates on the land - now face fines. Relevant law took Parliament. In the State Agency of Land Resources say - now it will be easier for people to assert their rights. Previously - employees of the regional directorates of land to keep documents for years. And extort a bribe for issuing state certificate to the ground. The theme continues - Maxim Urlapov.

Maxim Urlapov correspondent:

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- Process land for years, without having him ownership. Many Ukrainians still can not get a state certificate to the ground. Even filling out all necessary documents.

Here are the ground - in Vyshgorod district - located just twenty kilometers from Kiev. Purpose of sites - recently changed - previously there were only land for agricultural purposes - now - you can build at home.

Natalia prick - now five years trying to privatize their land. Complains, the officials all the time delay this procedure.

Natalia prick, a resident of the village of Old Petrovtsy:

- If they are detained and punished for it would have been, it certainly would have to privatize everything - it would be nice, and everything would be fine. Just because no deadlines - these documents can lie for years.

In the regional management of land resources explain - delay the issuance of state certificates - constant changes in legislation. And yet - the lack of staff.

Alex Matviychuk, deputy Vyshgorodskiy Land Management:

- Buli we skorochennya staff - we have one at a time Lyudin pripadaє Duzhe bagato people - hotіlos bi schob bіlshe Bulo state - rozshireny staff. Todі bude vikonuvatisya vchasno robot.

These arguments are not convincing - the expert in the field of land Victor Kobylanski. Issuance of state certificate of land - a matter of hours.

Victor Kobylanski, an expert in land area:

- Yakscho not official pіdpisuє vіdpovіdny document to nogo i can not break through mіsyatsyami Tse piece zatyaguvannya i spryamovane on otrimannya yakihos illegal platezhіv - prostіshe kazhuchi Khabar.

Now, for delaying the issuance of state certificates on the ground - officials will be punished. Relevant law adopted the Verkhovna Rada. For a first offense faces a fine of three hundred to eight hundred and fifty hryvnia. For a second - almost three and a half thousand. The new head of the agency of land - the law is not only supports - offers punished more harshly.

Sergei Timchenko, the head of the State Agency of Land Resources:

- I'd like to see the official responsible under civil and criminal liability - that this responsibility has been tightened and that the officer in charge of it to his workplace.

But to completely solve the problem - can only transfer system of issuing state certificates - in automatic mode, said Sergei Timchenko. He promises - soon all the documentation will be made out in electronic form - which means that corruption can be minimized. 
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