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29.12.2013 01:00
Articles about real estate | Of affordable housing in Ukraine Top 15 The domestic economy is not keeping pace with the rising cost of housing. Salary increase only in the business sector , but it is on "white collar" , apparently targeted property owners who do not forget monthly inflate .

Attractiveness of large Ukrainian cities for visitors hurt affects both themselves away cities, and their indigenous inhabitants. Buy a roof over your head for an average salary , according to studies, Ukrainian can only in old age , but , judging by the trends , it is not enough on life and the biblical Methuselah , reports information-analytical portal Inpress.ua.

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Ukraine took 11th place in the quarterly rankings (total - 55 countries ) rising cost of residential real estate Global House Price Index ( increased by 10.9 % compared to the previous quarter ) . According to the rankings , the current housing prices in Ukraine, 12.7% above the lowest level of prices, which was in the second quarter of 2009.

The three leaders at high prices for apartments and houses entered the UAE, China and Taiwan . Least of all property prices have risen in Croatia , Spain and Greece , writes News.

Expert consulting company SV Development Sergey Kostecki said that our place in the ranking due to the increase of prices in the economy and the middle segment " Flats to $ 80 thousand rose 8.7 %, while those for $ 80-100 thousand , up to costs by 3-4% . Apartments, which cost more than $ 100 thousand , on the contrary , fell by 10 %. "

Recall that in the second quarter of Ukraine took the tenth place in the ranking of Global House Price Index.

We note that in December 2013 in Kiev prices rose sharply on daily rent apartments. Within a few weeks, prices in this segment increased by an average of 15%. Such a jump market experts associated primarily with the arrival of a large number of non-resident citizens to " evromaydan " and, accordingly, the increasing demand for this type of housing .

As already reported Inpress.ua, rental housing in the capital today has become almost a luxury that even a one-room apartment expose a price equal to the average salary of a Ukrainian. However, for those who want to remove the roof over your head for relatively little money , a way out was the rent in the suburbs of the capital.

In addition, Ukraine sold more apartments than rent. This is reported by analysts to research the real estate market in all regions of the country. In particular, at the end of November 2013 in Ukraine for sale was billed more than 550,000 apartments, of which about 450 thousand - in the secondary market .

Question homeless relevant today for many Ukrainian families who do not have money for my apartment . But even rent a studio closet equal to the average salary of Ukrainian citizens , and if we add more and utilities, it turns out that Ukrainians should think about how to stop eating and drinking .

At the same time , housing prices could fall by 15% in 2014. Such opinions voiced by representatives of the Union real estate professionals and real estate brokerage Chamber of Ukraine at a press conference in Kiev.

And in September in Kiev became cheaper resale. The leaders - the right bank .

Recall that , buying homes , 97 % of Ukrainians primarily consider its price. These results were obtained during the nationwide poll conducted Centre " Social Monitoring " commissioned by the Ukrainian Federation of Employers' health .

The second factor was the choice of housing infrastructure - about 90.4 % of the respondents said , 87.5 % reported that important when choosing a property is an ecologically clean area , and 85.7 % - Environmentally friendly building materials.

As previously reported, the average cost of housing supply in the primary real estate market in Kiev in August 2013 decreased by 0.7 % compared to July 2013 and increased by 0.9 % compared with August 2012 - to 13,427 thousand UAH for 1 m. m

Amount represented by the sale of apartments in the secondary market capital of residential real estate in August of this year decreased by 8.9 % compared to July and was 16,773 thousand units . While the share of apartments, first offered for sale in August 2013 was 12.1 % of the total supply.
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