Odessa Real Estate Market

08.10.2009 16:43
<div style="text-align: justify;"><img height="232" width="200" align="left" alt="" style="margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px;" src="/files/41/odes.jpg" /><strong>Odessa Real Estate Market </strong><br /><br />The overall decline in housing values in the Odessa market in 2009, compared to September 2008 amounted to 30-40%. Such data led the founder of “First real estate company" Dmitry Grabin. He noted that now 1 square. meters of apartments in new buildings is estimated at the city average of $ 0,9-1 thousand, in old houses - in the $ 1.05 thousand, which corresponds roughly to the 2005 level. <br /><br />The cheapest accommodation in Odessa primary market - in housing development on micro districts - Kotovskogo and Tairov are estimated at $ 750-800 per 1 sq. m. Whereas six months ago it cost $ 1 thousand for 1 sq. m. Meanwhile, Dmitry Grabin explained: All the above prices apply only to those facilities on construction sites which are actually under construction. <br /><br />In the "frozen" as new buildings sale "stand still". According to staff of real estate agency "Moldavanka", even if developers to price at $ 300 per 1 sq. km. m, the sale is unlikely to move from zero, because the confidence that the house will be constructed, no. In general, according to specialists, in Odessa "frozen" for about 70-80% of primary market. <br /><br />In the secondary market in Odessa, according to the "first real estate company, the cheapest housing is estimated at approximately $ 20 thousand - for that kind of money can buy" dead "gostinku” in sleeping areas. Prices for the same “gostinki”, but in good condition range from $ 27 to 30 thousand. For the same amount can buy small-sized apartment in the old fund in the city center. <br /><br />Dmitry Grabin believes that during the summer and autumn in certain segments of the market residential property prices rise down another 10-15% and hold on to such a mark until the end of 2010. <br /><br /><strong>Real Estate of Cottage Settelments</strong><br /><br />Actively for sale housing located on the shores of Odessa Bay suburban village "Pine Beach", which is surrounded by a forested area to the north, Odessa Bay to the west and endless expanses of the Black Sea to the south-east. <br />AN "Atalanta" sold 2 of cottage village: "White Flower", which is Tairov Street. Vavilov, and "South Wind" that the road to South. <br />AN Alliance sells Town House Street. Cottage Kovalevsky. <br />SC Chernomorye-Plus sells Town House Street. Alexandra. Nevsky. <br />In the village Sauvignon is building a cottage village company Marine Villas. <br />Far beyond the city are: In Zatoka in the village of Spa row cottage village. Conducts building works SC Glavstroi. Same Glavstroi continue to construct near village “Lighthouses” The Boat Launching cottage settelment. <br />Company Progress-stroy: building a settlement " Estates in the Lesky”. Not far from this cottage village the South Construction Company build cottage settlement "Green Cape"<br />There is "Academic" on Poskote - Sakharov angle Zabolotnogo. But there's a number of high-rises buildigs, but on the other hand - look at the cemetery.</div><br />
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