Odessa Real Estate Market

08.10.2009 16:43
Odessa Real Estate MarketOdessa Real Estate Market

The overall decline in housing values in the Odessa market in 2009, compared to September 2008 amounted to 30-40%. Such data led the founder of “First real estate company" Dmitry Grabin. He noted that now 1 square. meters of apartments in new buildings is estimated at the city average of $ 0,9-1 thousand, in old houses - in the $ 1.05 thousand, which corresponds roughly to the 2005 level.

The cheapest accommodation in Odessa primary market - in housing development on micro districts - Kotovskogo and Tairov are estimated at $ 750-800 per 1 sq. m. Whereas six months ago it cost $ 1 thousand for 1 sq. m. Meanwhile, Dmitry Grabin explained: All the above prices apply only to those facilities on construction sites which are actually under construction.

In the "frozen" as new buildings sale "stand still". According to staff of real estate agency "Moldavanka", even if developers to price at $ 300 per 1 sq. km. m, the sale is unlikely to move from zero, because the confidence that the house will be constructed, no. In general, according to specialists, in Odessa "frozen" for about 70-80% of primary market.

In the secondary market in Odessa, according to the "first real estate company, the cheapest housing is estimated at approximately $ 20 thousand - for that kind of money can buy" dead "gostinku” in sleeping areas. Prices for the same “gostinki”, but in good condition range from $ 27 to 30 thousand. For the same amount can buy small-sized apartment in the old fund in the city center.

Dmitry Grabin believes that during the summer and autumn in certain segments of the market residential property prices rise down another 10-15% and hold on to such a mark until the end of 2010.

Real Estate of Cottage Settelments

Actively for sale housing located on the shores of Odessa Bay suburban village "Pine Beach", which is surrounded by a forested area to the north, Odessa Bay to the west and endless expanses of the Black Sea to the south-east.
AN "Atalanta" sold 2 of cottage village: "White Flower", which is Tairov Street. Vavilov, and "South Wind" that the road to South.
AN Alliance sells Town House Street. Cottage Kovalevsky.
SC Chernomorye-Plus sells Town House Street. Alexandra. Nevsky.
In the village Sauvignon is building a cottage village company Marine Villas.
Far beyond the city are: In Zatoka in the village of Spa row cottage village. Conducts building works SC Glavstroi. Same Glavstroi continue to construct near village “Lighthouses” The Boat Launching cottage settelment.
Company Progress-stroy: building a settlement " Estates in the Lesky”. Not far from this cottage village the South Construction Company build cottage settlement "Green Cape"
There is "Academic" on Poskote - Sakharov angle Zabolotnogo. But there`s a number of high-rises buildigs, but on the other hand - look at the cemetery.

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