Odessa prosecutor's office banned the construction of high-rise seaside

10.02.2016 00:30
Articles about real estate | Odessa prosecutor The decision of the Odessa City Council regarding land development along the street Novoberegovaya, 12 a 32-storey residential buildings, is unlawful. This opinion is shared by representatives of the regional prosecutor's office, in connection with which they have filed a lawsuit in the District Administrative Court.

As noted in the law enforcement agency, the decision of the City Council adopted contrary to the requirements of the land and town planning legislation, nor does it comply with the provisions of the Master Plan construction of Odessa. In particular, said the land is located within the single-family (farmstead) residential buildings.

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Thus, prosecutors need to cancel the illegal decision of the Odessa City Council, which planned to build two 32-storey buildings.
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