Odessa direction is more promising for real estate investing

11.01.2011 09:33
Articles about real estate | Odessa direction is more promising for real estate investing Odessa direction is very promising, primarily due to the developed segment of the logistics real estate. Its attractive ¬ sensitivity increased significantly with the commissioning of the metro stations to the Amur area and extension Zhulyanskogo overpass, said the development director of "DrimHauz Ukraine Kirill Bondar.

Warmest direction of the Kiev region stands out among others not only by direct transport links with the Black Sea. Ecologically clean area with no industrial facilities, the average density of housing, road infrastructure capacity and reasonable prices can be a pretty powerful argument in favor of home purchase in the Odessa area. At the same time, experts have called the factors constraining the development of these areas - such as lack of access to water bodies. However, this view can be challenged. Marketing Director at SV Development Vladimir Stepenko believes that this statement is not entirely true: in some parts of the direction is really a shortage of water, but along the route of Odessa is an area where water resources are abundant. First and foremost, it is the terrain near the rivers and Stugna Siverkoy, as well as near the Cascade Lakes (near the village. Kruglik Soltanovka, Hlepcha and in the vicinity of Vasilkova). B. Stepenko points to the fact that developers who are building facilities in Odessa direction, trying to minimize its disadvantages. In? First, pick up a cottage villages most attractive areas - near lakes and forests. In? Second, come up with an interesting concept.

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In Odessa the direction of the bulk of cottage settlements built in three areas - Kiev? Svyatoshynskyi, Vassilkovskaya and Fastovsky. Now sales are conducted in the town of "Our Mistechko" (p. Tarasivka, Kiev? Svyatoshinsky area) and in the two villages "Lake farm" (p. Zdorovka with. Rulikov, Vasilkovsky district). Proposals are presented in the cottage and Green Hills Family House (p. Tarasivka), "Mayetok. Skarbnitsya Єvropi "(p. Ivankovichi, Vasilkovsky district)," Misto Sontsya "and" Zadok the Cherry "(p. Kryukovshchina, Kiev? Svyatoshinsky district)," Rancho Bolivar "(p. Putrovka, Vasilkovsky district).

Also worth mentioning about these cottage communities of Odessa areas as "cozy corner" ("Vitberg, 7 km from Kiev, with the. Vita? Post, Kyiv? Svyatoshinsky district)," Dandy "(9 km from Kiev, with the. Vita? postage), "Kalinovoe town (39 km from the capital, Vasilkovsky district)," Scythian "(22 km from Kiev, pp. Kryachko, Vasilkovsky district)," Bowery Derevianko (24 km from the capital, Vasilkovsky district), "Azure Beach (55 km from the checkpoint, Fastovsky district). Some of them are under construction, and part is put into operation.

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