Obolon appeared scandalous construction

11.12.2012 10:00
Articles about real estate | Obolon appeared scandalous construction What exactly built in the yards of homes in the city Department of architecture do not know. General Directorate of Urban Planning and Architecture does not know what is built in the yards of houses on the street. Tymoshenko, 11-a, 11, 13 and 13 and in Obolon district. Such a response from the KSCA to your request received city council deputy Alexander Briginets.

Authority granted to the customer urban conditions and restrictions of building land for the construction of retail and office center with parking on the street. Tymoshenko, 13/1. However, the project documentation for the object management officials had never seen, as the developer does not consider it necessary to provide it.

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The MP said that the first land on the street. Tymoshenko, 13, and an area of ​​2.29 ha was provided builder - OJSC "Trust" Yugozaptransstroy "to build a house (city council decision № 300/1734 from 14.03.2002). But later that decision was amended according to which there house on the adjacent plot of land on the street. Tymoshenko, 13/1 and is planned to build retail and office center with parking.

"The residents of neighboring houses speak of the dangers of construction and the damage it can cause their dwellings. Developer to having a land grant, sneeze wanted to crack after a neighboring building or not, will be a living space in the backyard or not - he defiantly builds directly on the communications of neighboring houses and scores pile from which you hear the sound of windows in nearby houses, "- retells the residents' complaints Briginets.

The MP said that people still can not get the inspection of environmental inspection Kiev on compliance with environmental laws during construction work on the street. Tymoshenko, 13/1. According to the environmental inspection, it can not be checked because the waiting permission of the State Environmental Inspectorate.
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