Nuances of the construction of cottage townships

19.09.2010 10:33
Articles about real estate | Nuances of the construction of cottage townships Senior Specialist of the investment consulting company Real Estate Department Jaroslav Tsukanov spoke about the nuances of the construction of cottage townships, major mistakes working in this market companies and pricing on the country real estate

Q: Why do so many cottage complexes do not give-up time?

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Answer: In principle, the cottage real estate market is not exactly like, or rather, nothing like the market for multifamily housing. At the last market of people willing to invest at the level of excavation. In the market of cottage towns the situation is radically opposite. People at the zero cycle do not want to invest. This is due to the fact that usually companies that build houses outside the city, except for "Kievgorstroy, known on the market. Of course, people are afraid to trust their money to companies who do not have any of the implemented project. There is one more nuance. In the cottage zero cycle is very expensive. Before you start building, you need to plan sites, to get all the networks, compacted tracks, if not the asphalt, then at least they beat and compacted gravel, conduct electricity, gas - it's expensive. Only then can already be laying the groundwork and build the house. As a rule, those people who are beginning the construction of such towns, want to be totally extrapolated to the country the situation that prevailed in the residential property market. But it does not work. Keep in mind that in the cottage building requires much more time for return on investment.

Q: What is the amount of land the most optimal for the construction of cottage?

A: The most digestible site for construction of cottage - this is five acres.

Q: I heard a different opinion: 50 ha minimum. And in general - the more the better.

A: It's not quite true. See, 50 hectares - is approximately 150 homes located in one place. How much do you think need time for their sale? At least five years. And this is without taking into account the time spent on construction. If, however, build up an area of 50 hectares, it will have an uncontrollable process. Buyers can see that here this quarter was built two years and before the final construction of cottage still need to learn a few blocks away. Children go to school until the town is being built.

Q: Many experts say that now need to sell brands, not the cottages.

A: Of course, you need to sell the lifestyle, but here you can not overreact. This postulate refers exclusively to the elite class. We must give the consumer feel that he has some very unusual product. If we talk about economy class, there is another buyer. In etomklasse sold inexpensive, quality built housing, at a minimum distance from the city. Everyone should have their own criteria, and they need to speak honestly, focusing on its target audience.

Q: How will it affect the country real estate extension of the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land?

A: Extension of the moratorium will affect the value of land intended for construction and maintenance of individual houses. Some projects are simply preparing to freeze. But we at Kiev a lot of projects in the concept that there are bugs that have begun to develop and has not developed completely.

Q: What do you mean?

A: I am referring to the same town of Parque Ecologico. Two years ago, was the presentation of the town, a year later, they announced that they have almost all the houses sold. And when I arrived, I saw only part of the fence, none of laying the foundation, not a paved track. In general, anything they have not sold. Parque Ecologico died and been reborn now in another town, but with the same projects and with the same statements. However, it is impossible project economy-selling in the premium segment. Developers must come to an understanding that can bring value-added product. If they want to build a premium-class, therefore you need to order high quality projects, spending on the architect's $ 50, $ 60, $ 100 per square. m square, but the architect for this money will make such a product, which eventually will increase the cost of the finished cottage for $ 200-400 per square. m

Q: The current situation - it is basically a bug in the design of the town?

A: No, this is a bug in the design of the project as an investment. This is a bug in the number of houses, bug builder sales. We need to understand that these projects - long-lasting. Of course, the Golden Gate be impossible because it is a pilot project, but we should not forget that they developed eight years.

Q: What is the cost of construction per square meter cottage to the cost of the land?

A: If you build it completely turnkey with an average finish, then the required minimum - $ 1000-1200 per square meter. m. This is a traditional building: strip foundations, bricks, roofing.
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