Nuances of applying for insurance apartment: on credit, in the new building, on the secondary market

07.12.2009 15:13
Today, buying an apartment, how to insure it, many think immediately. And fear not only walls, but also personal property - to secure in case of theft, unexpected breakdowns or new neighbors who suddenly will flood a fresh renovation. How much will have to pay for insurance and on what scenario it will be handled, depends primarily on whether a new apartment or secondary housing, purchased directly or on credit.

The loan requires

When buying an apartment in the bank loan is most often exhibited the same flat pledge of duty and, therefore, requires that the apartment was insured. Typically, big banks already have partners, the UK, are beginning to draw up insurance from the time when the bank decides to give the client a mortgage loan.
In this case the insurance on the premises and design elements will be sufficient. The owner does not want additional trouble, but the policy is often made out of almost "automatic." But this is only if the apartment is new and not built on an individual project.
For example, the presence of hardwood floors and other wooden structural elements of the building is regarded as an additional risk, and therefore may affect the amount of the fees for insurance. Mandatory insurance is usually included in estimates of credits, ranging from 1.5% of the amount.

New house - it is a plus

Simply buying a new apartment (not a loan) does not oblige the seller or the buyer to insure it. But while all efforts to find the UK you have to take.
As told to us head of the department underwriting SC Etalon Irina Korlyhanova, the most simple programs provide insurance of apartments without inspection (the so-called "Express-insurance) and cost from UAH 100. Insurance amounts are already in the contract, and they are small.
Possible and conclude a contract on the expanded program, which establishes the insured amount, after assessing the property and parameters of the apartment. If the apartment in the new house - a big plus, then the only thing needed, - a plan for the reconstruction of apartment: experts convinced that all load bearing walls remain in place.
"Fresh" repair also easier to insure. Some insurers even advise their clients who have bought flats, do not immediately global repair, because the new houses tend to sink in the first 3-4 years of operation.
Insurance protection is provided by real (structural elements and finishing of premises) and movable property (furniture, electronic equipment, household appliances, personal belongings) from fire, gas explosion, water damage from plumbing, sewage or heating systems, natural phenomena. And also from theft, robbery and hooliganism.
Such insurance will cost, such as 80-250 USD per year, provided that the amount to be paid when the insurance case, there will be 14 thousand UAH for the apartment and about 5 thousand UAH to personal property.

Insurance "secondary housing - more expensive

If the apartment is not very new, bought on the secondary market, or was inherited from her grandmother - when applying for insurance is taken into account in the first place, the state House and communication, and not age Apartment
First of all, the UK will investigate to find out how much house dilapidated, there is a crack in it, when performed scheduled maintenance, what reconstruction work had been done.
In general, the process of applying for insurance apartment in an old house is the same as in the new. Policyholder must present the same documents (passports, code, documents of title to the apartment). Differs only by the value of the policy, as a rule, it is higher. But it happens that the insurance of old apartments are not always more expensive.
For example, if you insure complete renovation in a new apartment, the contract will be more expensive. After all liabilities incurred by the insurer to equip the apartment - more. In addition, each IC set time limit for a possible insurance amount below which an insurer is simply not inspect the apartment.
After compiling an inventory of the property officer of the company usually arrives to assess the state of communications in the apartment. In the case where the wiring and plumbing does not meet safety standards - to insure the apartment you will not succeed as long as you do not correct the deficiencies.


With property insurance average tariffs for the full package of risks for buildings of different types and from different materials are:
• For homes with hardwood floors for insurance only structural elements: Rates - 0,1-0,4% of the sum insured, depending on the franchise.
• For buildings with reinforced concrete floor for insurance only structural elements: Rates - 0,05-0,12% of the sum insured, depending on the franchise.
• If additional insurance internal equipment at home (repairs, internal communications) rate is 0,15-0,45% of the sum insured, depending on the quality and cost of repairs, deductibles, etc.

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