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Articles about real estate | Nowhere more expensive, prestigious does not happen Luxury Real Estate Central London - a special segment. He lives and develops by its own laws, independently of the rest of the market. And most importantly, expensive prestige items are always in demand and consistently grow in value. Not surprising is the fact that 65% of the buyers of such housing - foreigners.

Primary cell: for sheikhs and oligarchs

The main event at London's prime market occurred in late January, when he was inaugurated complex elite residences One Hyde Park - super-modern building consisting of four sections in which there are 86 apartments and three commercial spaces, which already have opened their showrooms of Rolex and McLaren. Prestigious location - near Knightsbridge, close to the famous Hyde Park, upscale infrastructure and services due to the fact that the One Hyde Park became the most expensive residential facility in the world - 65 thousand pounds per square meter. This first set of running an international network of five-star hotel Mandarin Oriental, opened in Europe. Residents receive round the clock service from the adjoining Mandarin Oriental Hotel London, as well as have access to the rich own infrastructure, including facilities which the private cinema, a 21-meter swimming pool with ozone treatment, saunas and steam baths, ultra-modern gym, rest rooms and SPA-offices, court for squash, golf simulator, video game room, wine cellar, conference rooms, library, secure underground parking, service car service.

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Luxury apartments, finish and design of which is performed by Candy & Candy (developer of the project), with panoramic views, on one hand - on Hyde Park and the Serpentine lake, on the other - on the old London, including Sloane street and Harrods department store . Sales were active even before the completion of construction, to date, according to Britain's biggest company Savills, approximately 60% of apartments sold. Buyers are mostly foreigners - the Arab sheiks, the business elite of the South-East Asia, Russian billionaires. His client is waiting for a luxurious 1,000-meter apartment with five bedrooms, designer finishes and furnishings, situated on the top floor of the complex, which costs ? 60 million. Sold here, and apartments with two to four bedrooms, all with a luxurious finish of expensive, high quality materials.

Another landmark project in the London market elitki - The Lancasters. This is a historic building of XIX century. Now completed a full reconstruction with preservation of the white stucco facade in a traditional English style. Inside will be 77 apartments, isolated high-rise block for sale. Windows on one side overlooking the Hyde Park. "With the current shortage in Central London elitki The Lancasters is of great interest to investors", - said Jennifer Furth, head of the Russian department of Savills. Residents will be able to use SPA with swimming pool and gym, 24-hour concierge service and private garden. Apartments from 1 to 10 thousand square meters. feet, with high ceilings, will have a traditional fireplace and finishing in the Victorian style of the sample mid-last century. At the request of investors, objects can be sold without finishes. According to our information, one of the richest oligarchs, Russia has acquired a block of apartments. As told to Savills, the cost of apartments range from 2 million pounds to 20 million pounds. The first part of the building is completed, the rest will be ready in the fall.

A typical set of the London Business Class - Bramah, vosmietazhka modern architecture. The apartments are sold with finishing, the area of ??one-bedroom apartments - 50 square meters. m, with two - 75 square meters. m, 3 - 81 square meters. M. Price, respectively - 600-710, 905-1075 and 935-1425 thousand pounds. Such high prices are explained by location in the prestigious district of Chelsea, in the proximity of Sloane square. The complex has its own area with pools and parking.

Secondary housing: a wide selection

Secondary market of Central London furnished apartments and homes, which are actually townhouses, ie high-rise section of the building. In contrast to the townhouses on the Russian market, this is quite an elite real estate. The levels are connected narrow and steep stairs, elevators are often absent, especially in historic buildings. On the same floor is two to four rooms, but many homes have a terrace, a private patio or out on the roof of the requisite infrastructure. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and dressing room often. In the living room fireplace made, but they are all gas - wood in the British capital are prohibited to prevent forest fires. These homes are offered, as a rule, furnished and designed in the style of modern classics.

Such objects are realtors Savills offer in the most prestigious areas - Belgravia, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Kensington, Mayfair. For example, objects 41 Wilton Crescent for 14.25 million pounds and 33 Ovington Square for 19.75 million pounds, located on Sloane street; 25 Chapel street for 10 million and 75 Chester Square for 13950000 in Knightsbridge; 3 Chesterfield street, proposed for the 11.5 million in Mayfair. Slightly cheaper townhouses in the area of ??Chiswick - object Beach House sold for 6,000,000 pounds, 61 Barrowgate Road - for 5.95 million

The most expensive apartments are also represented in the Sloane street. For example, suites in 19-20 Hans Place area of ??385 square meters. m worth as much as 16 million pounds, and Onslow Gardens - an excellent offer with a terrace in a traditional house in Knightsbridge, - only 6,5 million are expensive apartment in Mayfair: one of them, located on Green street, an area of ??214 square meters. m, is 3.95 million pounds in the same place, an area of ??117 square meters. m - 3,4 million Finally, an apartment in the luxurious mansion of The Academy Gardens with an inner garden in the Kensington area can be bought for 4.95 million pounds.

Reliance on leverage

More and more customers prefer the London elitki mortgage. In England it can be taken in any currency up to 70% of the cost. True, the Russians are now difficult to obtain a loan below ? 1 million - less than the banks to unprofitable. As told Russell Jones, director of Savills Private Finance, a floating rate of 2-2,75%, depending on fluctuations in LIBOR, fixed - 5% for five years. The higher the credit period, the higher the rate. Rather, like this: Credit is given for five years and then reviewed the conditions and it is renewed. "Now in Britain the lowest rate in history. They will grow even already started a little "- said the expert.

British banks have strict criteria for borrowers, the Russians, especially because Russia is a country of high risk. Usually require a passport, the borrower's information about yourself, bank statement, in which he served at home or in other countries, a certificate of status or income sources. According to R. Jones, banks willing to lend to directors of companies and individuals with assets outside Russia. Less willing to give mortgages civil servants. You can use the guarantors.

To be able to borrow one million pounds, it is necessary to confirm the income of 250 thousand pounds a year and make an initial contribution of 300 thousand pounds. "Find a bank willing to give credit, and agree with him on the best terms to help mortgage broker, for example, our company Savills Private Finance. He takes a commission of between 0.5% and 1% (the larger the amount, the lower the percentage), and only if the client receives the money, - said R. Jones. - Himself contact the bank foreigner risky: once having been refused, then it will be very difficult to get a mortgage. "

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