Now the land can be bought!

17.10.2010 09:30
Now the land can be bought! Do not get the cherished summer six hectare in places where no one had gone before, and buy as much as you can afford and where you like best.

Omitting the flour of choice between apartments and houses (about this - in the next article), the family council decided: private house to be! A time to be home, then be ground. Without it, can not do.

On the ground, unlike the Japanese, we were lucky. An acute shortage of land there only in the capital and its suburbs, but every year it grows and leads to a regular increase in prices for land. But still enough vacant land, a large selection of sites for every taste. However, using The following tips, you can narrow your search down to a reasonable number of sites quickly and efficiently to select a suitable and finally start building the house so desired. Along with this, you save yourself from unpleasant surprises that are sure to show up at the hasty purchase of land without exploring all its features.

It should be understood that the private house can not build on any land. Each plot of land, regardless of ownership or use has a specific intended purpose. Earmarking the land is established by law and specified by the competent authority of bounds of the land by its owner or user. Basis for determining the purpose of land is its membership in the appropriate category of land. The division of the land fund of the country on the category provided by the Land Code of Ukraine. Ibid exhaustively defined list of categories, including: agricultural land, cattle land, land for forestry, industrial land, land for keeping lawn-household plots (Cottage) and land for private housing, and others. We are interested in is they - the land with the purpose "under private construction."

Be vigilant and do not consider to purchase "chalet" sites. This land is quite another specific purpose - to maintain the garden industry. Built on her house, you can not register and then to register it, and generally you will not let nobody out there to build it initially. Do not confuse the ownership and purpose of the earth. Plots can be privatized, but their intended purpose does not change with "gardening" to "private development". And the worst thing that can happen with "cottage" - she suddenly may need the state to build a new bridge, road, or even a residential neighborhood. In this case, the owners of suburban area will be offered an equivalent area of land in another place, but this again would be "giving". Prices for "suburban" areas, usually several times lower than in areas "for private construction."

By law, the sale and purchase shall be subject only to privatized land. In other words, if you offer "to buy" non-privatized land, the question of readiness "seller" to give you money for your right and turn on the privatization of certain land. State land is not selling! It provides free, to privatize land to those people who have a right and legitimate. To learn how to qualify for free privatization of land, you can write a separate article. Now we are on that assignment for the money right to the privatization of land is not completely legitimate, and intelligent people on this advice - do not mess.

"Act of state ownership" - a document that confirms the status of privatized land. By the way, it states the purpose of the land, its area, dimensions and boundaries, address, area, name of the owner, the basis for issuing the act and other important information. Gos.Akty are "primary" and "secondary". Primary Gos.Akt granted to the first owner of the plot, based on the decision of the local authority to allocate a plot. Secondary Gos.Akt issued to any subsequent owner under the contract of sale entered into with the previous owner. Be sure to inquire about the availability of Gos.Akta the seller!

Removal, transport, Roads, DIRECTION
One of the most important criteria for land area is its remoteness from the city. Living in a private home in our time can not completely burn all the bridges and forget about the city. There remains our job, our friends and relatives, our favorite theaters, clubs, restaurants, gyms, supermarkets, exhibitions, schools, museums, banks, dry cleaners, service centers, shops, clothing and household appliances - all of which are no long and will not (as some people - will never be) outside the city, in close proximity to your site. In other words, the reason to go into town you will have plenty, and should assess in advance its capabilities in the most appropriate for your distance from him.

In our country the roads are bad, very bad. Narrowing the range to search for a suitable site, pay attention to for some thoroughfares you'll daily drive into the city. Not always you get into town by private car, so ask about the regularity of the movement route of transport and distance to the nearest stop on the land. If the taxi will take you to the subway station, it will be another big plus. Equally distant from the city of plots in different directions may differ significantly with respect to time spent on overcoming this distance. To this effect a long list of factors - the direction, quality and class of road, number and size of settlements along the way, geographical features of the city, features and downloads of main highways of the city, and so on.

On the example of Kiev, very clearly you can compare the nine major areas, and easily see the advantages and disadvantages of each of them to overcome the convenience of 20-30 kilometers from the city to the promised land. Let me remind you for a good comparison, we assume that all sites equally distant from the city limits, but the time and nerve costs, we will take to the road from the center of Kiev to the site. That's what happens:

1. Brovarske direction. Disadvantages - travel through the city center or a detour through the hem, then a bridge across the Dnieper and the downloaded portion Brovarskiy highway all the way to the city limits. Until the city limits 15 km or 40 minutes during peak hours. Passage through a large suburb - Brovary - with lots of traffic lights and narrow road. Benefits - Multilane highway to the city limits, near the metro station the city limits and two-lane highway for Brovary.
2. The left bank of the Desna (in a sponge, Rozhnov). Disadvantages - the bridge across the Dnieper to choose from (both are overloaded), travel through a large f / m Troyeshchyna, no subway, SSB road outside the town of average quality. Until the city limits 20 km or 120 (!) Minutes during peak hours. Benefits - not found.
3. Right bank of the Desna (in Khotyanovka, Novoselky, Pyrnovo). Disadvantages - travel through a large f / m (to choose from - or Kurenivka Petrovka / Obolon), followed by passage through a large suburb Toompea, the complete absence of road and narrow roads. Until the city limits 20 km or 60 minutes during peak hours. Passage through the dam of the Kiev hydroelectric station and single-sideband road outside the city. Metro there a little aside, if you go through Obolon - then it's only advantage.
4. Chernobyl area (Lyutezh, Dymer). Disadvantages - travel through a large f / m Kurenivka, SSB road outside the city, not metro. Until the city limits 15 km or 60 minutes during peak hours. Benefits were found.
5. Gostomel direction. Disadvantages - SSB road outside the city, not metro. Until the city limits of 20-25 km or 60 minutes during peak hours. Benefits - to the city limits can be reached in several ways, through the main streets.
6. Zhytomyr direction. Disadvantages - big load of main street to the city limits. Until the city limits of 10 km or 30 minutes during peak hours. Benefits - Direct Trunk multilane street from the center to the city limits, near the metro city limits, multilane highway outside the city, the absence of large settlements on the highway.
7. Odessa direction. Disadvantages - travel through the city center and downloaded interchange (bus station) or at least busy ring road, to choose from. Until the city limits of 10-15 km or 60 minutes during peak hours. A large number of medium-sized settlements on the highway outside the city. Benefits - built underground near the city limits, multilane highway outside the city.
8. Obukhov direction (Concha Zaspa, Foresters, Podgortsy). Disadvantages - travel through the center and downloaded isolation of the city, not metro. Until the city limits of 20-25 km or 40 minutes during peak hours. Benefits - Multilane highway outside the city (except the old Obuhovskaia line).
9. Kharkiv direction (Borispol). Disadvantages - travel across the bridge over the Dnieper and across a large F / M Kharkov. Until the city limits of 20-25 km or 60 minutes during peak hours. Next, travel through a large suburb Borispol with single road and a set of traffic lights. Benefits - Multilane highway outside the city, near the metro city limits.

Choosing a site, remember that you have to go there every day! Patience to you, dear! And just to think about changing the car to a more economical instance, your monthly mileage hardly remain unchanged.

Decide to their needs and compare them with their financial capabilities. Minimum land area for comfortable accommodation for him at home with a built up area of 150 sq. km. meters, is considered 10 acres, and preferably 15. Observations show that some crazy built and 5-6 acres, and the extremes are found here. Get ready for the fact that in addition to pavilions and a small lawn, you have nothing else on such a small area does not fit, and the windows of your home will be in dangerous proximity to the neighbors' windows or fences. Why then can change the apartment for a house? On 20 acres you will already be able to afford additional structure: a garage, sauna, barn for equipment, summer gazebo, pool, greenhouse, house for safety / workers, parking lot, as well as garden, flower garden or just a vegetable garden. In other words - the more - the better.

Most often, local authorities are "cut" plots for construction area of 15 or 20 acres, at least - at 10 or 25 ares. If you need more land - will have to find some related sites, and otherwise - are considering buying a plot clubbed with someone, followed by separation of the site in any proportions and design of individual Gos.Akta for each of the buyers.

Lots, according to the form close to the square, are more attractive and practical in terms of accommodation houses and ancillary buildings. Accordingly, the less attractive will be elongated, triangular or trapezoidal sections.

Under the presence of communication means a road paved, gas and electricity, at least - even water and sewage. Urban Education dulled our sense of value in it, so necessary for normal living, the benefits of civilization, so do not relax - no one except you and your neighbors will not be pulling for you gas, electricity or road. At the same time, all at your expense, but worth it dearly. Electricity is needed from the early days of construction, natural gas - for cost of heating your home. Dirt road you will be cursed after the first downpour, not to mention the spring and autumn incessant rains. Considered acceptable if the nearest electric pole no more than 500 meters before fracturing (gas distribution point) - not more than 200 meters, the primer is not more than 500 meters. Water supply and sewerage for the city - which is rare, is most often used off-line well and septic autonomous.

RELIEF, terrain, water, plant, soil
The attractiveness of the land depends also on the locality in which it is located. The proximity to the lake or the woods is a great advantage, proximity to both of them - all a dream. Sites on flat terrain will deliver less of a hassle with the construction and landscaping, and areas in the hills may transferable words open landscapes, but will require additional investments in the strengthening of the soil.

Do not buy plots with steep, with ravines or cliffs, or pre-consult with specialists in geology and construction for the stability of the soil.

Land outside the city are divided into three groups: in the village, cottage development (on the outskirts of the village) or in an organized cottage area.

In the first case, if you offer a site directly to rural homes in the future you may experience discomfort from such a neighborhood with alcoholics, neighbors, their cows, pigs, chickens and roosters, the manure piles and motorcycles. Such sites may involve proximity paved roads and the availability of all communications. Weigh the pros and cons!

Lots of cottage development - the most common at present. Major weaknesses - Failure of a single architectural style and haphazard development "skyscrapers" on 3-4 floors. Well, if the adjoining land owners have already demonstrated their imagination, has completed construction of their palaces. Then you can figure out whether you will be comfortable among them, as well as more likely to rely on that for your fence one day, do not erect a very tall and ugly palace too close to your windows. Communication on such sites are found with varying degrees of success, the chances of their presence increases with the number of completed buildings. If the surrounding vacant land overgrown with grass or barely started construction, do not count on the rapid emergence of communication. The way smart people do only when the street is all lined up, otherwise it will quickly destroy the heavy equipment. Gas and electricity draw pool their savings, and for this the adjacent areas, at least, must all be bought, and not stand as an investment some unknown investors.

Empty lots in towns, organized cottage - it is very rare and good luck. Most often, developers offered at such sites or home without finishing, or at home on a turnkey basis. This is understandable, the investor wants to earn not only on land but also in construction. For comfortable accommodation in a civilized cottage house may make sense to sacrifice the individual project and buy a finished house, built in the same architectural style with the rest of the buildings in town. The main advantages of cottage townships are known - the overall infrastructure, protection, fence, ready to communications technology, a more homogeneous social background of neighbors, and other benefits. Deficiencies - for all that have to pay more.

Unfinished ON THE SITE
Some fairly large proportion of land is sold together with the objects of unfinished construction, located on them. Unlike the prefabricated houses built "on sale" in the case of unfinished no reason to fear the ticky-tacky construction. Most likely, people have built in good faith, "a", just not enough money or any other circumstances.

If you are satisfied with the configuration of unfinished, and you are ready to undertake the completion of another undertaking, check two things: the age of unfinished and the project documentation on it. It is believed that even if covered with a roof "box" will stand for more than two or three winters without heating, the house or have a serious and expensive to recover, or continue living in it will be accompanied by high costs for heating and getting rid of fungus. Advised not to communicate with old and still unfinished because it is not known as the most important element of the box - the foundation. If it is saved or spent scarce research of soil at the site, the house can bring a lot of trouble a few years after construction is completed. Also, you can roughly estimate the seriousness and honesty sellers on the presence or absence of design documentation and permits for construction, as well as the relevance of the actual structure that approves and coordinates the project.

Most private homes are using self-plumbing. And potable water is extracted from the depths by drilling wells and installation of the pump. If the area well yet, then you play the lottery - fit for human consumption, water may occur at depths ranging from 20 to 100 meters or deeper. Drilling to a depth of over 50 meters will be very costly undertaking, but you do not know about the actual occurrence of the water, until you start drilling. Even if a neighbor found water at 40 meters, it does not guarantee the same success on your site. An alternative to deep drilling is the delivery of packaged drinking water and cooking on it, and found at a depth of 40 meters of water you can use only as a tap.

All thoughts expressed in this article are personal observations and experiences of the author. This article may contain some inaccuracies, please do not judge strictly. I wish you a good purchase!
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