Now how cheap you can buy a studio apartment?

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Articles about real estate | Now how cheap you can buy a studio apartment? Square meter of a new apartment for delivery in 10-12 months usually costs the buyer at 20-25% cheaper than in the secondary market. If the difference is in the same area more , it means that the developer is not as robust as we would like. If the purchase on the secondary apartment with a good repair , the difference will increase to 30-35%. Is it justified ? Let's take .

Developer offers in the capital in the sleeping area apartment for the price of 9 th. per square meter. In the same place in the secondary market to buy an apartment with luxury finishes and even furniture at around 12.5-13 ths. for the quarter. m Repair Cost - about 3 thousand UAH. per square meter of floor area , and it's no frills . Total quality apartment suitable to the universe , will cost about the same money as the new building , which is to wait almost a year , when you consider that new apartment will require additional investment to bring it into the living condition . And to finish it will take time , at least 3-4 months.

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Have the secondary minuses. First, possible problems with the legal purity of the object. But this problem can be solved if the buyer makes a good real estate agent or lawyer. Second, liquidity - decrepit apartment in "Khrushchev " significantly longer finds a buyer. Third, new homes smoother social composition of tenants , which is also important .

"The decision to buy a home in the new house was not easy . But our old apartment was very uncomfortable with the plan , and even in the cold pre-fabricated house , where heating to the upper floors almost never came. As a result , we have calculated that the overhaul will cost apartments and insulation is not in a couple of tens of thousands of hryvnia , started looking for new buildings . The decision came naturally : swapped his " kopeck piece " for a new "unity" , but still money left . And let the house not from the finest materials , but I'm sure 10 years to think about his condition just do not have "- says economist from Kiev Maria Mikhaylenko .

tasty meter

The most popular in the budget segment and are one-bedroom apartments , footage ranging between 40-50 meters. Yes, under construction and already built homes do not have the architectural delights . Nevertheless, the new building in a quiet residential area , close to the subway and other infrastructure ( supermarket , kindergarten , schools, hospitals ) , - a good alternative is steadily becoming more expensive rental housing . And rare buyer will think that in two or three years from home can start plaster peels off , new elevator suddenly starts to act up , and created by the developer condominium ( condo ) is a rip off at exorbitant prices for utilities.

With prices ranging from 8-9 thousand grn/m2 in the capital for all these and many other shortcomings buyers close their eyes. Demand for "unity" raises many offers for every taste and wallet size , and developers often use this overstating the cost against the multi -bedroom apartments . Because the cost of the "square" in the "unity" at most 800-1600 UAH . higher than the 2 -3- 4-rooms housing. By the way, for this there are objective reasons : the number of communications and the common areas (stairs, halls priliftovye ) one-bedroom apartment on the same as a suite .

But the final price is still attractive : 350-450 ths. for their own housing in the capital - is not transcendental amount. Before the crisis, in terms of the currency was a half times more . On the secondary similar apartment repairs will cost about a third more expensive .

The question remains as to the pace of construction . If the developer is funding construction exclusively or predominantly due to prepayments from customers highly probable disruptions deadlines . If there is a bank willing to lend to completion , the chances of meeting deadlines more. Usually the presence of such a partner bank indicates the presence of preferential mortgage programs. Using them is not necessary , but the fact of the presence of a partner bank adds confidence that the money for the completion of the house there , regardless of how fast will be bought up apartments under construction .

Of course, the current depth of the devaluation shock can not be compared with what happened in 2008-2009. And , hopefully, that will not compare . However, we must remember those times scandalous unfinished like " Dnipro Towers " on the street . Balzac and the LCD on the street. Sosninyh family , 4. Similar patterns can be observed not only in Kiev but also in many regional centers . So right now the primary buyers need to be especially careful.

Cities and towns

The most expensive meters habitually famous not only Kiev , but also Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk. Odessa and Lviv - modest. At the same pricing policy developers depends on many factors , starting with the location of the house ( its proximity to metro , good transportation ) to the presence of finishes in the apartments and even a renowned name of the builder.

Of course, the cheapest housing - in the near suburbs : prices there may be 30-50% lower than in the nearest city limits . How reasonable purchase in the suburbs ? It all depends on the lifestyle of the buyer. Quite often when you have your own car journey to work from the suburbs is faster and more comfortable than sleeping on back streets maneuvering areas or transplantation in the metro.

Besides the location of the house one of the key factors affecting the price, was and remains the material of which the building is erected . The most prestigious and , of course, an expensive option - brick . Brick houses comfortable and boasts well insulated. Second place among the most popular materials - it is a gas unit . These homes are not as decorative as brick , but also very warm and comfortable . The third place is occupied by houses with walls made of hollow blocks . His response is very simple - "cheap and cheerful ". Compared with brick construction cost of the house 30-40% lower , and therefore less than the price for the buyer. By themselves, these units have good insulation and is also environmentally friendly .

What is the risk?

In an effort to pay less , the future owner must be aware of the risks that it assumes . The most common situation when building a house freezes. This can happen even in the final stages and surrender the house in operation . These cases are "Money" wrote repeatedly , talking about how in such situations worth tenants do .

But even if the object is put and happy owners of apartments are ready to settle down , they can trap a lot of surprises . For example, a construction company promised would be aerated concrete brick or worse , hollow block. " Check out what it was built a house, an ordinary person can not do. The truth is revealed only when residents begin to make repairs . But who file a claim if the rent already paid money and signed an agreement on the deal ? "- Says one of the capital of Realtors Andrei Sonin .

No less important is the quality of the thermal insulation of the facade . Often, the "budget" home uses inexpensive materials that are environmentally unfriendly and a fire hazard . It is for this reason Solomyanskyi Kiev area a couple of years ago one of the buildings ignited for three times !

Sometimes the developer promises to furnish the apartments. However, whether or not to agree to such a deal ? In the best case would be that the builders bother to apply wallpaper and install a minimal plumbing. At worst - finishing would mean only the presence of the front door glass and prepared for the repair of " ties ". By the way , the relevant paragraphs should be carefully itemized in the contract.

Deceive future tenants and footage . What to do? Ensure that the contract was stated as the amount is adjusted according to the actual area of ​​the purchased apartment .

But even if the house is ready , there is a danger that the construction company will delay the title documents . In parallel , many developers create their own HOO or condominiums , essentially offering to buy them for membership in the entrance fee, which can reach almost 100 thousand UAH .

May be a problem with the connection and home electricity or water supply . " Bought an apartment in the building and were forced to settle it immediately . The builder promised hot water a week. But we have not received it or a month or even two . And had all winter to heat the saucepan. All our indignation company replied : " Claims - to ZhEKu ." Although , as it turned out , the housing office just owned construction company ", - complains resident of Donetsk Sergey Movchun .

Stretch "pleasure"

Trying to attract buyers, developers are willing to finance them on flexible terms . The most popular option - is, of course , installment . Investor directly invests 25-50 % of the cost , and the rest of the amount is paid within 6-36 months . Usually in such situations developers establish a higher cost per square meter . But if the difference in price is fixed, it makes sense to figure out what it will cost .

For example, if you pay the entire amount at once , the price of the "square" will be 7,500 USD. , And if you take an apartment in installments - 8700 UAH . Overpayment of 1200 UAH . On the other hand , in the first case you need to make once 7500 UAH . , While the second - 4350 , and the rest - for two years . The difference in initial payments - 3150 UAH . The price of this difference at the current deposit rates will be for a specified period of about 460 UAH . So a one-time full payment is definitely more profitable : 460 UAH . against 1200 .

Sometimes it happens that the investor will offer to buy back a certain number of meters at a starting price , indicating that the remaining parameters have to buy at a floating price , which calculates the builder. How does it look? Suppose the investor acquires a third apartment costs Rs 8000 . for "square" . But two months later he was forced to buy from the builder square meter at a price of Rs 8300 . , Even after three months - 8500 UAH . etc. As a result, housing would be "gold" , and the buyer will overpay the construction company is very serious money - much more than , for example, on a mortgage.
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