Novosel in the cottage: what you need to survive, to get a «new quality of life»?

09.09.2010 17:15
Articles about real estate | Novosel in the cottage: what you need to survive, to get a «new quality of life»? In this article we will focus on the problems that beset the residents of apartments in houses outside the city. Buyers, having heard the promises of developers get a "new level of quality of life" should be prepared for the fact that at least at first, everything will go not quite so.

Indeed, the country "format" attracts many virtues: his own house (and if it is flat, then it is usually more urban), a site that you can do whatever you want, fresh air, the ability to produce children to play on the playground unattended, and do not be afraid of them stick some maniac. Next - the forest, a pond, you can at least from morning to evening play sports, ride a bike, walk pet dog. You can invite a crowd of guests and give them a terrific party. There is a place where the car! Hot water all year round! You can leave the porch, scooters, roller skates, and no they do not steal! And so on ...

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But before you decide to move out of town, you will still learn about some things, and preferably not on my own experience and on our.

Investigated with queues

Military science tactics requires subsequent success, strengthen and develop it. Suburban real estate developers are coming into full compliance with these rules: built and sold primarily their village, they usually get straight back to the second. Then the third, fourth ...

Theoretically, the "priority" and serves to the interests of the already settled population did not suffer: it created an isolated little world, and the workers and heavy equipment engaged in construction of new homes remain behind the fence. But this happens only if the developer took care to create comfort residents. In fact, it is often different: getting the money, the developer loses interest to the purchaser. "It is possible to buy a ready home in the first stage, relying on the comfort, - says Alexey Kudryavtsev, director of marketing management company" Volga problem. " - And be in the "transit zone" surrounded by noise and dust from construction equipment involved in the construction of the next turn. "

But in the end, the construction end sooner or later. And it will be - shall we say after King Solomon. But there is a problem and yet another dimension - a much more serious. One of the most important characteristics of real estate (especially suburban) is known to the environment. "Imagine that you are buying an extreme site, and you take the extra money for the" trump "the site - said Alexander Dubovenko, development director of Good Wood. - And then begins the construction of the second turn, and you find yourself close to it. " Complaining is useless in this situation: by law, your real estate is located within the boundaries of the site. And everything outside (including the "scenic views"), you do not belong. Of course, selling your land "near the forest", the developer acted as a minimum ugly - but this matter outside the control of civil law.

Now the question is: what to do? First things first, advised all the experts have to request information about the developer's plans: perhaps the second (and subsequent) line there already appear. But so maybe not always - for example, the developer attend to this problem after a successful sale of the first stage, ie six months or a year after you purchase the site. So we give advice. Explore the neighborhood of the village. If the last house standing at the river - the likelihood that something will be built yet, nonexistent. Very difficult to achieve the developer will be building a good forest. But if the deadline for your site starting a pasture or field - the likelihood of new construction remains.

"Santa Barbara" bargain

Another major problem lies not outside but inside your "queue" of the new settlement. Quite often there are situations where some residents are already lined up and even began to live as their neighbors are only beginning to erect on the lot at home.

... The author has found a "secret agent" - a familiar, already nine years old living in a suburban village. We call it Anastasia. Its part of the settlement, (and she lives there, as I said, nine years), is called the "new" - and all these years (!) There is a non-stop construction. Yes, the queues, but still - the construction site can not hide ..

Among the main "Trouble", accompanying the process of construction, Anastasia calls that in neighboring areas dirty and ugly. "In our garden flowers, and on there - heaps of debris, excavations, pylischa - she says. - By the way, when a neighboring house populated, once it becomes easier: the residents immediately landscaped their plots. "

The second aspect, using the expression of the author, "ever run hither and workers." Participation in a life settlement is not limited by the fact that they quietly sit on the areas where building, said our "agent". "Guest workers hired many of those who are already living - as gardeners, painters, tile or handlers - said Anastasia. - Moreover, a handsome Armenian, "specials" on the road laying tile, enjoys great success among our women - the "free" inmates of the village. "

But this, of course, exceptions, and in general migrant workers live in difficult and sad, underpaid and often cheated in the calculations. Some come with their children - they would have to go to school, and they inject with their parents on site. "Watch this" wrong side of the construction business "very disgusting" - sums up Anastasia.

And note that Anastasia is living in a village, where sites with contract. And there, as she notes, the developer has somehow tries not to annoy people: for example, trucks have their own workers a gate through which they pass, and the workers of the road, not enjoyed by residents. But anyway - from the endless construction discomfort is felt. So what to do, where there is no contract?

"We must prepare for what is in your neighborhood from early morning until late at night is constant noise, noise, arguments, - says Igor Zaugolnikov, director of marketing communications RODEX Group - Two or even three times a week will be unloaded machine with concrete and other building materials, and in the evening your eyes and ears will delight the national and modern popular songs of the peoples of the former Soviet Union. Also be prepared to ensure that your site will be periodically disappear every small things (garden lights, barbecues, garden tools, etc.). In a word - will be fun! ".

What should I do? You can, of course, give advice only buy in ready-villages, where people have settled and live. But as you know, it's an expensive option. Therefore, our recommendation is: make sure to go to the village, mingle with the locals (and not just the realtors) ask them how to be - as they live. All properly consider: after all, in different towns all in different ways. It is possible that you will find the option, where just dwell on the construction or influence your life will be minimal.

There she was - and no ...

Already mentioned in this article a "new quality of life" is impossible without a set of infrastructure - particularly in areas where "external" infrastructural facilities are in short supply. Presenting their villages, the sellers have spared no ink: there will be a gym, a restaurant there ... Not to mention the landscaping - all recreational areas, parks and playgrounds.

However, it should be understood that the infrastructure - not a charity, and created its constructor with a single purpose - to generate income. Therefore, to open all these wonderful facilities it will be only at the moment when people will be in abundance. "Usually, the management company offices, there are various services in the villages, after it sold about 40% of the sites, - says Elena Sergeeva, head of the suburban real estate company" Russian House Property ". - And here to break parks, boulevards, build playgrounds usually start later, when the town sold a 70 per cent. "Infrastructure build once it makes no sense - agrees Dmitry Vlasov, head of sales of cottage settlement" Silver Horseshoe ". - Our village is situated on the banks of the river, we have provided a coastal park with a promenade the length of 1,3 km. If it is done now, while nobody lives, and walk around the builders - it will spoil. A year later, as will be settled first at home - should be started to carry out "cosmetic" work in the village. "

But sometimes everything a little differently, says Anastasia. "In our village, as soon as it was the first line of the village and infrastructure was more than now. Apparently, the developer thought that the residents will be downright disappear in a bar, restaurant, tennis court. But alas - did not happen, these establishments were closed. More on the shore of the pond was room, but to demolish it required a majority of the population: there is some began to put it mildly, somewhat noisy to take water treatments. Residents did not like it works well only shop where you can always buy food and essentials, as well as pay for the phone. So he stayed. "

On the Bolivar, which will not sustain two

The last item on our list of problems - communications. Like infrastructure, they require significant financial investment. In settlements with the contract, as a rule, things are more or less going well. The family enters the house when it is already connected to utilities. The only instance when some turn of homes connected to gas, then your "branch" cut off for several hours. This means that you have at this time will not be hot water and heating.

But, as evidenced by our experts, there are worse things - power are weak, and not calculated by the number of houses, which conceived the developer. "It is not ruled out such a scenario - continues Ekaterina Orlova, chief marketing officer" Ain Development. - The developer originally built settlement of a certain size and too late decided to erect additional queues. Then, to connect new homes to existing communications - with all ensuing consequences. There is only one recipe - to choose a professional, reliable and trustworthy developer with great experience of similar construction projects. " "Such problems usually arise in the villages of economy-class", - says Ivan Sinitsyn, partner in the project "New Cabins" - "Gagarinlend.

What practical recommendations can be drawn from what has been said? Firstly, not to trust "zavlekalochkam" Sellers "a new level of quality of life." "Looking at their neighbors, I can say that this" level ", apparently, is that you fry skewers in his yard, not in the kitchen" - a blunt hammer nails Anastasia. However, he immediately recognizes that probably bluff in the estimates. In any case, life has its problems everywhere - hope for the city you organize milk and honey, at least, naive. So the rescue of drowning - the handiwork of drowning. Joining together with neighbors, we can ensure that you have cleaned the pond, the road was washed, filled for the winter skating rink and stopped at last let fireworks at night.

Of course, we must constantly shake for any reason, the company administering the settlement. At operation she earns good money - and so let them work out. So the choice of village life and we must look to those who will manage this village. And, as explained by Julia Karelin, marketing director of "The Best Traditions of wooden construction, staffing of such a company should focus on long-term management, ideally, when the MC is involved in developing the concept of the village and took part in the delivery of facilities. Then the residents will be fewer problems.
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