Nothing to repay the loan? Then we go to you!

25.09.2010 17:32
Articles about real estate | Nothing to repay the loan? Then we go to you! Crisis. So bored all the words. And the closer it is to us, the more we are afraid of him. Now the crisis - is not just some kind of bankrupt foreign bank with the unpronounceable name. This is - a ghost, Looming in the doorway of houses of many Russians.

Russians who ventured still connect with mortgages to buy a roof over their head. Took the risk and regret for what he did. This is especially true of those who lured foreign currency loans and those superprivlekatelnye interest rates, which to them is attached.

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Surely you and from those who are unable to currently pay the loan?

Let us not dissemble, but during the crisis period banks still turn a person on the borrower. All the more so in their interest to allow repayment by installments or postpone payments of citizens, than to engage in the implementation of the mortgaged property of the debtor at the time when the liquidity of real estate decreases with each passing day. Before you go to court, the financiers provided more loyal to the collection procedure.

The Bank is trying to find a compromise settlement of arrears, which would suit being in a difficult financial situation of the borrower. These options include deferred payments (up to six months), and lower monthly payments for a certain period of time. Not rule out the possibility of extending the loan period, which automatically entails a reduction in monthly payments on the loan.

If all these measures have not had adequate exposure to the borrower and his conscience is still "asleep", then the bank can do nothing but to appeal to the court. Following the decision of the court procedure starts with the implementation of property being pledged as collateral. Sale to be held at the auction is open to all comers. Since the borrower is held executive tax of 7% of sales.

In case of failure, organized the second auction, where the cost of mortgaging real estate is reduced by 10%. Thus, the price can drop to as long as the borrower's property is sold. After the sale of real estate collateral, part of the money goes to repay the loan, payment of court costs, fines for failure to pay the loan and the remaining amount will be refunded to the borrower. All negotiations ongoing with the borrower's financial institution about the delays and the like, should not only be furnished legally, but also directly with the banking services that are responsible for addressing these issues.

Well, now coming to the most "scary". If the bank holding talks with the careless borrower suffers a complete and crushing fiasco, the credit can be transferred to a collection agency. Oddly enough, but the most "horrific" stories debtors are connected with the collectors. Quite knows why this happens, but it is possible that the matter is that persistence of the latter, since their direct work - knock out the debt.

Unlike bank employees, officers of collection agencies are precipitated by borrowers and day and night. Nothing criminal collectors are not charged with. They act in the same way as the banks: propose a compromise solution to the problem, and if this option is not comfortable with the debtor, then go to court. If you, as a debtor faced with rudeness and threats from collectors, it is advisable to contact the police.

Banks and collection agencies are interested in one thing - their money back. The main thing that can justify the borrower refuses to pay the bills, it's a job loss, increased bank interest rates on loans and rising dollar. In the event of such force majeure, can be accessed and the services of professionals who call themselves anti-collectors. They are not only able to bring the legal framework under the action of the debtor, but the "knock out" the lender more favorable conditions for debt repayment. So that nothing and no one should be afraid - desperate situations do not happen!
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