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Articles about real estate | Not looking to buy property When buying an apartment or a house is usually the most desirable to take part in the process, selecting options on a pocket and carefully examining each object. However, in recent years after a catastrophic lack of free time to go to the edge of the prospect of the world to explore every crack their future home more frightening . Well, that with the development of new technologies to become the owner of foreign real estate can and without leaving the site.
All categories of investors are always ready to seek out the best deals on the world market , and today they are mostly preferred by commercial real estate, generating at the moment or in the near future a considerable profit . In addition, they are actively investing in UK residential property , and do not neglect buying cheap facilities in other countries , hoping for their perspective and appreciation in the future. Quite often investors buy property requiring repair , however, by agreeing to this kind of deal , it should conduct a serious analysis of the opportunities and sales growth rates after reconstruction.

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Residential or commercial areas often ready to buy "not looking " major investment and pension funds or international companies engaged in the real estate trade . Such investors employ appropriate experts who can make a deal or evaluate the quality of construction, repair , unbeatable location, and hence the need to personally go to the objects they have .
There is another category of buyers who do not count on profitable investments - those who, for various reasons, is going to live or do business in the new location , and tries to minimize costs by acquiring cheap property .
Briton David G. and his wife , who in the late 80s decided to move to Dubai , after 30 years decided to return home and buy an apartment in his native Liverpool. Neither David nor his wife did not understand the intricacies of buying and selling real estate , and because the case was entrusted to the agent , which is based on their requirements took options in interesting areas of the city , sent documentation including expert opinion building inspector about the technical condition , a detailed description , photos and videos of apartments After a while David opted for an apartment of their dreams , but I realized that before retiring to move back to the UK with his wife , they are not ready. Along with the price for the apartment , and the agent sent settled rent of the property at the time, while David and his wife decide not to live in it yourself. Also, take a mortgage loan turned profitable sale of shares , and bank interest David will cover the proceeds for rent money. Contact with his home bank , David easily arrange a mortgage and concluded the acquisition of the apartment where the tenant lives now found the same real estate agent. By the way, David has recently commissioned him to find another apartment , now with the investment objectives .

When such transactions , certainly there is a higher degree of risk. Not attending to , the purchaser will have to rely on videotape or photograph or an honest description of the object. Everyone knows that to remove the video and take pictures of space, furniture , machinery, equipment possible so that even when a thorough study of images will not be any visible damage or defects . The place where the property is located , can also be visually adjusted , just select a good angle. The main thing that did not get the shot nearest dump, high-voltage power line , railroad tracks , or anything else that might scare the client. The same thing happens with the condition of the property description . Experts unscrupulous agencies will make the wrong assessment estimates for the necessary investments in the repair - reconstruction. In addition, also known this kind of transactions as buying at auctions without the ability to make a preliminary assessment before signing the contract - a kind of " Roulette" in real estate. And although at such auctions objects are often sold with huge discounts on the purchase can surpass all expectations most unpleasant . Therefore participate in them is only after analyzing the location of the property market , however, sometimes it does not save from getting stone on the neck instead of the promised return.

How to avoid problems
Customers viewing the object in person, first of all pay attention to the external negative factors conspicuous . As a rule , the future owners of the real estate professionals in this field and are not a personal inspection can hardly be called a truly competent and, therefore, in most cases, after the acquisition of the facility and its operation arise at best roughness. If a transaction is made with real estate in countries such as the UK, Germany, France , Switzerland or Austria , you can avoid many problems. In these countries, the state provides competent , strict supervision, and all stages of transactions in real estate law and legally settled. In the case of unfair execution commitments on the part of agents , construction professionals and other relevant services , the latter will suffer severe punishment , and they will have to indemnify the client. Based on practice , specialists in these countries do not come to mind in any way deceive customers - our own peril.
But even in these countries before they buy property , must seriously weigh the possibilities, clearly understanding what you want to buy and what to invest . Determine to find the best offers on credit, most hire an agent and a lawyer specializing in real estate transactions , the independent certified building inspector , disagreeing service representatives seller. Competent experts prepare for the conclusion of a lucrative contract for his client with the required protection conditions , providing for termination in the case of non- declared properties , deferred payments and other such nuances.
Buy property using the best mortgage banking . Banks, before grant the request , check not only the state of finances to apply for loans , but also from all sides thoroughly study the object itself , which was funded by the money come from . In case of problematic factors they immediately will be advised of the client. Also, the use of the banking arm will save money for other operations.

What and where to buy
It is important to determine the order in which country and city to buy , because the real estate options that can be purchased for investment purposes blindly, quite a lot. The best and safe for such purchases is real estate in markets with limited supply. As a vivid example of such markets is London, where almost all types of real estate fly like hotcakes. Profitable to invest in emerging gradually in selling Ski resorts in Austria and Switzerland; logistics and warehouse real estate in Germany Real estate student in university cities in the UK , Germany and the USA ; rooms in major hotels the most popular tourist and holiday destinations managed by specialized companies ; office space, commercial space , space for car parks in the center of a large, active economically developing cities ; plots in cemeteries.
For example, just recently been exposed for sale 5000 sites on rediscovering cemetery near London, and Russian investors have a unique opportunity for investment. None of the Russians did not need to go to the UK and personally inspect the proposed real-estate. Been prepared all the necessary documents , made ​​calculations of profitability , given the maximum guarantee. As expected, all the land put up for sale , Russian investors have bought up almost instantly .
Should look for redemption and residential real estate from banks seeking to get rid of stagnant assets. Interesting objects in development or excavation, in which developers are trying to raise funds and sell shares at a discount. However, it should be done with greater caution , a hundred times all checking and weighing all the pros and cons.

Buy can not be postponed
Where to put the comma , Russian investors have to decide for yourself. Buy property without going to the object, you can without any problems. For the most part over the years doing just that professionals involved in real estate investment . They accurately calculate their opportunities and clearly represent what benefits want to get correctly choose the country and facilities provide high-quality legal transactions and technical support. Under the same scheme are , for example , U.S. small private investors, who in addition to actively use opportunities provided by the Internet and computer technologies. It seems that Russian private investors in real estate may well take advantage of this way of doing business , thereby significantly saving time and money .

Igor Indriksons , managing real estate investments , the company's founder

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