Not a house but an entire village!

23.11.2010 00:05
In October 2010, the South Korean city of Anyang opening of an interesting building. The house consists of twenty separate buildings, each of which has its own entrance from the street.

Locals call it home-tree (or the home-village) since the exterior design reminiscent of spreading crown or a shrub.

The building is five floors is not intended to be inhabited, as each room in it undeveloped for specific needs: one is a salon in the other - Rent a bike, in the third - the store and so on. That is, this is a public place open to the public. Convenient it is and what upgrade it is much easier than any "standard" building.

In addition, it is environmentally friendly design, the people themselves say about it this way: "Self-learning laboratory, constantly being in a creative search and readiness to change for the collective research in social sphere." Translated into plain language, this means that the house-tree may eventually grow into anything.
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