Norway's capital became the most expensive city in the world

08.06.2011 00:17
Articles about real estate | Norway The Norwegian capital of Oslo was the most expensive city to live in the world, ahead of cost of goods and services to London, New York and Tokyo.

Conducted by a Canadian bank USB investigation determined that the Oslo - the most expensive city among 73 cities in the world. Second and third place was taken by Zurich and Geneva, respectively. The study was based on a comparison of prices, wages and purchasing power in urban areas during the period from March 2009 to June 2010.
The ten most expensive cities are also included Tokyo, Copenhagen, New York, Stockholm, Toronto, Montreal and London.

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Most inexpensive city is also recognized as the capital of Romania - Bucharest. On economic performance ahead of its two Asian cities - Manila (Philippines) and Mumbai (India).
The ranking of cities has had a significant influence exchange rates. Thus, it is noted that 20 per cent increase in the Canadian dollar was the reason that Toronto and Montreal have moved from the 10 th and 15 th place to 8 th and 9 th. Auckland (New Zealand) and Sydney (Australia) is on the list in a similar way.
The researchers emphasize that a knowledge of prices of goods and services in different cities of the world should not only travelers but also the companies that send their employees on business trips abroad. The position of the list to determine the level of wages which is paid to the foreign employees.
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