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18.10.2010 02:27
In our city there lived a middle-aged couple. Behind them was a life full of joys and sorrows, love, work, worries for the children and all sorts of diversity, which, as a rule, and is filled with people's lives. And ahead - a joint retirement. And in preparation for this stage they decided to build his country house.

But not yet. One morning, his wife suddenly felt ill and died, without waiting for an ambulance. Doctors said it was a heart attack. Her husband stayed to live out in solitude. Sure, there were two adult sons, but both have long developed their own families and they lived separately. They did not abandon his father in grief, but also put his life to caring for him could not.

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However, nursing was not required. Father, it is not too old, full of energy person, it could itself provide themselves with all necessary. Here are just a grief ... Children often tried to go and see a visit, but soon noticed that they were not very happy. Moreover, often the father is not subjected to at home. Although it would seem, to him - a pensioner - to walk?

Questions about the absence father kept silent at first, but then admitted that he goes out of town, build a house that they were conceived with her mother. The children tried to talk an elderly man from the hard work, but realized that useless to argue, tried to help him.

Since the construction has several workers employed by them. But the father was not shifted their worries on their shoulders, day and night watching the work, something sawing, nail something, handsome, fit. This went on for about a year until the house finally took a residential appearance.

Everything was ready to move. But then my father suddenly decided to live in a little town. He explained the desire to rest. Recreation delayed. All offers to help carry things and find a new place, he replied unintelligible, and after a while they understand that to move into a new house my father is not going to.

Moreover, after completion father never never went to look at his creation. When it comes to how to use the house as a summer residence and spend summers there with his grandchildren, his father silently held out the key, and the children had no choice but to back down.

And the younger son of the family and the family were older cottages, so that the house and stood unused. But more than lack of demand for new properties, children worried about what happened to my father. First obsessive construction, then a categorical denial of the use of the fruit of their hands - all this they chudilas some riddle.

Comment psychologist Barbara Sidorova:

It's a simple story. When we do repairs, make up the project, something to plan, we plan not only to the action. Doing something, we do not only what we do. So in this case: what makes a hero - not only the creation of the house.

This can be both a huge amount of action. For example: "How wonderful to dream about the life that starts when ..." Sometimes these dreams are sweeter, not only of real action, but also the result of the action. For some people, enough of the imagination. In the imagination they already have done: created, built, grown children and grandchildren, and in reality, they all this is no longer needed. All the charm they have already experienced.

You can also passionately something to do in order to do something else or think about something else. Or have a built-in need to follow through on all of the job. So people do not rest until the case has not been completed.
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