Nikolaev has introduced a new assessment of land

05.10.2010 10:49
Articles about real estate | Nikolaev has introduced a new assessment of land January 1 Nikolaev first time since 2000 introduced a new legal monetary value of land.

According to experts of the capital NII Dipromisto, it should be 216.4 UAH / apartment. m instead of the current 136.1 UAH / apartment. m, and taking into account the inflation rate for 2009 - 229.2 UAH / apartment. m. Approve the relevant technical documentation is planned for the next session of the City Council.

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Price Nicholas sections may vary depending on their location and availability of infrastructure. Territory of the regional center divide by 90 economic planning zones (currently 66), each of which set their rate. Functional and local rates will remain unchanged.

Because of regulatory monetary estimates depend on tax rates and rents for allotments, then the financial burden on local businesses will increase an average of 1,7 times.

For example, if this year's shop owner, who is (a weaving) on the street in the Soviet city center, shall transfer to the treasury for the temporary use of communal land of 3.1 thous., Then the next its expenditures under this heading to increase to 5.3 ths. And it provided that the rental rate will remain unchanged - 3% (maximum allowable rate - 12%).

Factory owners (street Novozavodskaya), whose territory is 10 hectares, will have to pay 12,5 thousand UAH. against the present 7.4 UAH. per year.
Municipalities are confident that tenants will not be massively reject the sites or to cut their sizes. "The tax burden on entrepreneurs grow Nicholas is not so much.

For comparison: in Lviv monetary valuation tripled in Zaporozhye - more than 2,2 times, but no significant changes in the land market has not happened "- says the head of the local municipality of Victoria Land Kamozina.
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