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Interested only in their business and not poke their noses into the affairs of other people has always been considered good form, especially at the Albion. But it is always interesting to peek through a crack in a neighbor's fence, particularly if the fence-then and there, and neighbors - the stars of show business or sports.<br /><br />Pop Star <strong>Madonna</strong>, whose fortune is estimated at 160 million pounds invested their savings in real estate. For example, after the sale of white colonial mansion in Miami, the singer immediately bought an estate in Beverly Hills, formerly owned by Diane Keaton. The building, built in 1927, had to rebuild, for that new owner has left as many as 1 million pounds. The house has 19 rooms, separate guest apartment, own studio and a swimming pool in the garden.<br /><br />Although after Madge in 2000 she married British producer <strong>Guy Ritchie</strong>, America retreated into the background. With the words "I love England, and when I have to leave here, I miss her terribly," the singer posted 7 million for a London townhouse in Connaught Square. And although the singer has claimed that this house - her favorite purchase, and it puts a lot of time and effort to make it a truly family nest, just a couple of years the family acquired a house in Ashcombe House Estate, at the boundary of Dorset and Wilshire, giving for its 9 million pounds. It was this 1200-acre estate of her children, Lourdes and Rocco, now consider it their home and say that this place - the most remarkable thing on earth, especially in the summer. Recently, their celebrity mom, for the umpteenth time, trying to prove to the public that her heart belongs to an old woman in England, and not America: "I love England and not coming back to America. My home is here. At that time much can be repeated - I love to live in England! ". Indeed, as you can?<br /><br />Celebrity couple <strong>Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie</strong> also did not save the houses, and in various parts of the world. "I want my children to grow up in different countries and see the world as it is. Therefore we are very much travel and buy a house where we enjoyed most about "- says mother Angie. So, in 2005 Brad Pitt bought a ranch on the shores of the Pacific, and not far from the place where he lived with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. The estate, which includes a tennis court and stunning views from the windows, there were just 2.5 million pounds. Almost simultaneously, and Angelina, thinking that England - the best place for children, I had noticed a small manor in Fulmer that Bukingemshirskom county. It is unknown how much cost the former 8-bedroom farm Angelina, we only know that pretty quickly disappointed in the rural English life, she once again exposed the mansion up for sale.<br /><br />After filming Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Angelina decided to settle in Cambodia, which bought the wood, and a modest house in the tiny province of Palin. True, in virtue of the fact that the nearest town several days' journey for a broken dirt roads, in addition to the house and had to buy a helicopter.<br /><br />In October 2005, while filming The Good Shepherd, Jolie-Pitt family temporarily settled in New York's exclusive Hamptons, and then again changed its place of residence, drove off in Namibia. True, a house in Namibia is not bought, but accommodation is rumored to have cost the family £ 2,500 a day. At present, children Branzheliny as called the most beautiful couple in Hollywood, look at the world from the windows of their house in Malibu, which Papa Pitt bought for his ever growing family.<br /><br /><strong>Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas</strong>, combining their capital, "are" 120 million pounds, which also allows them to not skimp on accommodation. With the wedding in 2000, the couple with their children Dylan and Keris spends more time in Bermuda, despite the fact that there is nothing they have not yet owned. But it was bought by white villa in Majorca. Perhaps, in memory of a time when Douglas was courting his future wife. Grand apartments in Manhattan are temporary shelter, when a family looks at the heart of the Big Apple, an estate in California - for a summer vacation in Aspen (Colorado) - for the winter. As admitted elegant hostess of countless private residences, "We collect houses like other collects art. We love the architecture, and we like the difference between New York and Bermuda, between the beauty of Canada and Spain. It's like a hobby. We are not riding on a Rolls-Royce, I and my husband only Peugeot. But we buy the house. What's wrong? "<br /><br />In order not to break away from its roots uelskih, Katherine recently looked closely yet another gem to his collection - five-room mansion on the edge of a cliff in his hometown of Mumbles in Wales. Nostalgia for childhood star will cost 2 million pounds.<br /><br />Even in our world there are people who bought the place not only for themselves but for the others. For example, the estate of<strong> Elton John's</strong> Woodside directly in the shadow of the ancient walls of Windsor Castle in Berkshire as a magnet to attract all the "infirm and afflicted" from the world of show business. They say that once someone something happens, whether on personal or professional activities, all flock here, as more soothing and quiet place will not find at all the British Isles. 37 acres of land and perfectly groomed huge mansion in the Edwardian style of Elton bought in 1975 for ... 400 thousand pounds. According to rumors, now the estate is estimated at 7 million. Located on the territory of one of the best stables of the United Kingdom, tennis courts, garages for 36 cars, a garden in the Roman style, and an artificial lake.<br /><br />In addition to the British house of Sir John is also a villa Castel Mont-Alban in Nice, for which in 1996 had put five million pounds. Beautiful villa never empty, since there, as in the British House of Elton, unites all who need a respite from the bustle of the world. In April 2000, Elton John and his partner in life was bought studio apartment in Venice, which cost the star family in 1,240,000 pounds. Total real estate by Sir Elton has been spent as many as 9.6 million pounds, with the state of 120 million is not so much.<br /><br />Divorce is always and everywhere the case, though delicate, but unpleasant. And he especially disliked the division of property. So, the real estate of <strong>Paul McCartney </strong>will soon begin to shrink in size, as a part of it would go the now ex-wife Heather. From the moment of parting, Sir Paul, whose fortune is estimated at 825 million, live in the family estate Peasmarsh Farm, in East Sussex. Residence with its own mill, long since no one be assessed, but it is believed that it was worth at least £ 40 million. Acres and acres of open land make the estate a beautiful target for paparazzi, but that does not care about its inhabitants.<br /><br />Former Beatle "Do not forget to visit often, and his ranch in Arizona, which at this time very well hidden from prying eyes. Ranch was purchased for 3 million more, along with "Mrs. McCartney's number one Linda. As acknowledged by Sir Paul, "this place is in my heart a special place. It reminds me of happy days with my wife here and she spent her last days. "<br /><br />The remaining property of Mr McCartney includes 19-million London home at St. John Wood, the four millionth mansion Wycliffe Hall in County Durham, as well as the three millionth estate in Beverly Hills with a swimming pool and its own recording studio. In addition to the existing pair Paul Heder not so long ago acquired for $ 3 million house on the seafront in Hove, Sussex, where now lives and comforted Heather Mills.<br /><br /><strong>Chet Beckham</strong>, "estimated" 78 million pounds, lives with a truly royal scale. Their "family nest", which almost immediately after the purchase in 1999, local wits dubbed "Bekhingemskim palace, worth 2.5 million pounds. Although it is land and house 30's style in georgianskom already estimated at 7 million.<br /><br />As soon as the 2003 captain of Manchester United, Real Madrid have been paid 25 million family Bekhemov acquired the mansion in Spain. They say that Victoria and David have put 6 million for a villa, barely glancing at her. But Mrs Beckham then spent another 350,000 to ensure that all landscaping within the principle of feng shui. Called villa modestly but tastefully - Casa Beckham. After the purchase and settlement of estates contented housewife said that she and David could not make a better purchase than this villa. Here it is good to them and the children, the capital of Spain literally begins behind the rear fence, and its own soccer fields will help the boys if they did not subsequently become football players, then grow up healthy and physically developed, "I love to receive visitors, and a vast estate will invite as many friends as you wish. Also, I always dreamed of a cozy, family and warm house. Now my dream has come true, "- says Victoria. By the way, unlike her friend Madonna, Victoria does not consider their home to England. She and said: "I was angry when someone says that I do not like Spain. I love living here, and I consider Spain their home. "<br /><br />Your third house Beckham got the example and advice of his friend Elton John. 19 th century mansion in the Cote d'Azur in southern France, was purchased in 2003 for 1.4 million pounds, but recent incidents clearly indicate the presence of ghosts in the house, forced the terrified family put the house up for sale.<br /><br /><strong>Rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his wife, Sharon</strong>, bought his mansion near Gerrards Cross in Bukingemshirskom County in November 2004. Unfortunately, last year the house was the focus of the press and public when the night through a window in the house climbed into the robber, which took with them treasures of 2 million pounds.<br /><br />Currently, Ozzy is selling his estate in Los Angeles, starring the famous series "The Osbournes." Osborne asked him 6.5 million pounds, despite the fact that the owner, with his characteristic sense of humor, calls it the most expensive pigsty in Beverly Hills, probably alluding to their many dogs living in the house. "From the moment we got married with Sharon for 23 years we have bought and sold 27 houses. I always ask my - well, even though the paint after the repair has dried, before we begin to sell just bought and renovated the house! "The basic reason that the house is sold, Osborne called the fact that children - Jack, Kelly and Amy - grow up and fluttered from the nest. So now the spouse needs a home with ... a larger area to accommodate all the increasing army of four-legged pets.<br /><a rel="nofollow" href=""></a><br /><br />
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