New York: The ten largest real estate transactions in 2010

11.02.2011 00:10
New Some real estate transactions entered into in 2010, cast doubt that the recent worldwide financial crisis was complicated.

In any case, begins to seem as if New York City, this crisis is not touched. Major real estate sales throughout the year set new price records. Introducing the ten largest deals in 2010 the real estate market in New York.

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10. North Moore Street, 2

The most expensive townhouse in New York

Although the building is only a small townhouse, in July 2010 it was sold at a price that even a record for downtown - $ 24 million. This single family house with an area of about one thousand square meters. The building consists of two unequal parts: a two-storey and six-story. Initially, these were two separate houses, then they are put together and repaired. The building has a garage, art studio, five bedrooms and a pool.

The house was transformed by the hard work of Steve and Sheri Schnell. They bought the property in 2005 for 4.75 million dollars and sold in 2008 for 35 million new owners became managing director of Guggenheim Advisors Tsittman Mark and his wife, Noel.

9. Fifth Avenue, 950

Former Hearst apartment occupies the eighth and ninth floors of the 14? Storey building

This chic 14-storey building only seven apartments. The owner of one of the 12-room duplex apartments, vice-chairman of Goldman Sachs, Robert Hurst sold his apartment last August for $ 25 million. This is 4 million less than he expected, in announcing the sale in April. Hurst and his wife, Soledad, also own property in Paris and Aspen.

8. Central Park West, 115 («The Majestic»)

Appearance of the building matches the name of The Majestic

After receiving $ 32 million from the NBC as compensation for his dismissal, a popular comedian Conan O'Brien finally decided to leave New York and sold the two-story penthouse with three terraces, located on the roof of the famous building The Majestic. The buyer was a former colleague of O'Brien with NBC David Zaslav. In July 2010 he had paid for exclusive living space of 25 million dollars. This is 4.5 million less than the original price, which has appointed O'Brien.

7. Park Avenue, 778

In this house lived a well-known journalist and writer William Buckley

In mid-November, the developer, David Winter has bought an apartment here for $ 26 million. It's not a bad price for a renovated apartment, where he once lived William Buckley - one of the most famous American conservative journalist, founder and chief editor of political magazine National Review. The name of the seller is unknown, since the property was made in a legal entity - a kind of a limited liability company.

6. Prince Street, 141

Name of new owner luxurious three-story apartment remains a mystery

Luxury apartments are about 560 m? are located in the South Houston. In 1999 they bought the media mogul Rupert Murdoch, paid only 6.5 million dollars. In 2006, Murdoch sold the apartment to the designer Elie Tahari and his wife, Rory for 25 million dollars. A few years later divorced his wife Tahari and decided to part with the general living area. Last name of the new owner kept a secret, but we know that Tahari managed to gain 27.5 million dollars.

5. The State Suite («Presidential Suite")

It looked like "presidential suite" at the hotel Plaza during its heyday

This huge three-story apartment L-shaped is often called «State Suite» («suite" or "presidential suite"), because earlier it belonged to the hotel Plaza on Fifth Avenue. Italian Luigi Tsunnino bought this part of the hotel for $ 45 million and made her living apartments of 896 m?. However, due to lack of funds, Luigi was not able to make repairs in the apartment such a level that would raise the price at resale. In March 2010, the apartment became an unknown buyer for the 28.6 million dollars.

4. Penthouse on the roof of a residential complex Superior Ink

House built by Stern

The past year has brought good luck architect Robert Stern. In November, an agreement was reached on the sale of a penthouse on the roof of a residential complex designed by Superior Ink (12 th Street West, 400) for 31.5 million dollars.

The first owner of the luxury apartments was Leslie Alexander, owner of basketball team Houston Rockets. Alexander purchased this property in 2008 - before the building was completed. However, a month later he announced that he plans to sell the penthouse for 39.5 million dollars. Given that most real estate, Alexander went to just 25 million, reselling earned a good income. Now a luxury apartment owned by a South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth.

3. Apartments on the top floor Trump International

Trump International - one of the best hotels in New York? York

Apartments for sale area of 510 m?, occupying the entire top floor of Trump International Hotel at Columbus Square (Central Park West, 1), provoked a bargain with four potential bidders. As a result, the owner of the housing has become a buyer from South-East Asia, whose name was not disclosed. Acquisition cost him 33 million dollars. Earlier this apartment belonged to an Italian film producer Vittorio Gori, but was confiscated by the bank for debt.

2. Central Park West, 1915

Another creation of architect Stern

And again, a project created by Robert Stern. While the sales contract is not signed yet, but if the deal goes through, it will be put on record the cost of one square meter - 110 thousand dollars. Three-bedroom apartment, total area of 362 sq.m., located on 41 floor of a skyscraper at Central Park West, 15. The current owner, developer William Zekendorf, hopes to get for $ 40 million penthouse, although it bought in 2005 for just 10.7 million

1. Mansion of the Duke-Semans "

House of the richest man in the world

This landmark building, situated opposite the Metropolitan Museum, built in 1901. The first owner of the mansion was Benjamin Duke, vice president of American Tobacco. The house was called the Duke-Semans, when regular hosts are Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans - granddaughter of Benjamin - and her husband, James Semans. In 1974, Semans have renovated the building, but retained all its historic features. The mansion has become a recognized landmark of New York.

In 2006, Semans sold the building for $ 40 million. The new owner was Tamir Sapir - a former taxi driver, an emigrant from the USSR, and now a prominent businessman, whose fortune is estimated at more than one billion dollars.

In the summer of 2010, this house had bought the richest man in the world. Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim has long interested in real estate in New York. Now he can be proud of what belongs to him the last real mansion on Fifth Avenue, 1009. Slim bought a luxury property in Tamir Sapir for $ 44 million, although the original price was $ 6 million more.
New York: the ten largest real estate transactions in 2010
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